Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lubmyafiq ^^

Lucky cat. Psh!


Since the semester started, I seriously have no time to update at all. And a bit of lazy to update actually. This semester is pretty interesting, very BUSY! and the contents of our lectures are all too detailed and too packed up with facts!

the first module was about microbiology, all the bacterias and viruses. which is too many! but thank god my assessment marks were okay. both of the assessments. the 2nd module was mpe, the first assessment mark was ok, the 2nd one hasnt come out yet. i hope its higher than the 1st la.

now im studying the cardiovascular system, (heart, blood thingy) pretty cool. My practical times became more and more interesting compared to mbb and mpe practical which was quiet boring since we had to draw the organisms. but this module, we get to see the cadavers! 4 indian cadavers, i think. i got to play the hearts, the vessels and all.

we are also studying about the urinary system and respiratory system too. so, just this morning, i got to put a stick through a penis ( the cadaver's) because i need to detect the passage of the urine. very cool. i did it 3 times, and i told afiq about it haha. at first the doctor did it infront of us, the guys were all shocked and mcm tkejut je haha. klakar. as if they can feel the pain. heh.

nway i wanna bebel about something else actually. about my birthday celebration last week, tp nanti la. i havent upload the pictures yet.