Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yesterday: Went to SMK11, but datas not enough since the school is preparing for Hari Sukan, many students were not in class. So we have to continue next week. Went to alamanda with F and KC. Ate springy noodle with tempura atNoodle Station, while waiting for food, I went to Cold Storage to buy stuff to cook, ayam, ikan, sotong, telur, brokoli. Yum! Dah boleh masak sebab multicooker dah elok, murah je repair, for 20bux je. Then, A ajak pergi pasar tani putrajaya with his friend, but i was tired. He bought me mannnnyy Mangga Masam! OOHHH SEDAP!

Mama came at 10.30pm to pick me up, at that time i was eating dinner with A di pondok bawah. Nasi putih and lauk2 la. Borak2 anatara menantu dan mertua haha. Came home and online using A's maxis broadband, slow jugak la. But its okay. Dapat la jugak online sampai around 4.50am, tengok tumblr, SHOELUST. Most of the shoes are DEMMDAMNDEMMGorgeous. Alexander McQueen is very talented!! (the picture below is by him) Poor thing he died. But the shoes are all verryy tinggi, semua macam 5-6 inches kot. Anyway, Ive posted the pictures in another page. CHECKITOUT!

-mangga masam dan garam sedap, tgh makan ni sambil online haha. Chocs and sweets are a no no for me. Sweet stuff sangat memuakkan, i prefer sour and spicy food. RAwr~ :DD

Today: Saturday, havent bought flowers for mama yet. Tonight kot. DUnno, maybe tomorrow. Woke up at 2, mandi makan solat. Now online. Updating blog, downloading songs. Baru lepas tengok hindustan, Mann. Sejuta kali tengok pun sedih haha. Cte tu best ok, cte zaman dulu2. Dah la, mwahx!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

surah An-Nur ayat 31

Read surah An-Nur just now, along with the tafsir. But then I noticed one sentence that i dont really understand. 
“Dan janganlah mereka menghentakkan kakinya agar diketahui perhiasan yang mereka sembunyikan.”

When I Googled it, found a website called halaqah which discusses about whether ankle bracelet with bells is allowed to be worn by Muslims or not.

SO, what i understood was, the sentence actually meant, 
Jangan dihentak2 bumi dengan kaki supaya berbunyi perhiasan yang dipakai, seperti gelang-gelang kaki dan lain-lain. Dan oleh sebab hentakan itu, perhiasan itu diketahui orang bukan mahram, maka ia boleh menjadi fitnah.

Secara lebih mendalamnya,

ayat atas ni menunjukkan larangan menghentak-hentakkan kaki ke bumi, kerana ia akan menyebabkan perhiasan yang tersembunyi seperti gelang kaki diketahui oleh lelaki-lelaki bukan mahram. So, kalau setakat memakai gelang kaki je, tidaklah mengapa selagi mana tidak dihentak-hentakkan kaki hingga bunyinya didengari, hingga lelaki-lelaki bukan mahram mengetahui ada perhiasan di dalamnya. 
However, dalam case yang pakai gelang kaki yang berloceng, lain la. Walaupun kaki tidak dihentak-hentakkan pun, apabila wanita tersebut bergerak, berjalan dan lain-lain, maka bunyinya masih terhasil! Jadi ia termasuk dalam larangan yang dimaksudkan dalam ayat ini. 

Ini kerana yang menjadi punca larangan bukanlah kerana menghentak2 kaki, tetapi larangan tersebut adalah kepada ‘pengzahiran’ perhiasan yang tertutup.

---Bagus, I learnt something today. and and good thing i dont even have any ankle bracelets, if not it would be a waste kan hehe.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Went to sunway pyramid today. i thought earlier it was only an allgirls hangout day. but it turns out M and S brought their bfs. So, biasa je la. Ice skate for 2hours, i fell twice. Jatuh landing lutut, dan.. bontot. Habis bengkak. Besar sebelah, adui. basah sikit la bila jatuh. But it was FUUUNNN! hehe, despite that i think i look pale for the whole 2 hours, and mcm jerky movements sampai gerak senget2. Haha, tapiii looking at G skating was funnier wey. Hes like robotically waving2 around like psycho haha. The thing that i notice was, strangers dont mind me suddenly grabbing their arms or shoulder when im about to fall. No such thing as racism or snobbish ppl there, everyone was friendly and smiling ;) i like that. 

Later, 5.20pm M,D,S and G went for their IronMan2 movie. I didnt join cause i watched it already. So i waited for A to come while watching to 2 musicians playing saxophone & piano at the Sunway hallway. It made me calm waiting for A, which usually id go lambatnyaaaa, but today i just smiled. haha, music helps. So me and A went to eat at Pappa Rich, delicious Chicken Chop & Fried Rice with Fried Egg. YUMMY. Then we walk around, solat, saya merayau, A pergi beli tiket movie haha. Andd, we ate Creme Bulee at ZEN, sedap gila. Nak takeaway makan dalam movie, tapi xbole sebab mangkuk kaca tu :((. 

Pastu solat maghrib & isyak, jalan2 lagi, kemudian, part klimakkss. around 20 minutes before the movie started, A went to toilet, while i went to parkson. Suddenly he came into parkson with a panic face, dia cakap masa nak pakai seluar, he dropped his car keys into the cangkung toilet!! AGHH. Siap suruh makcik cleaner ambikkan, tapi memang susah, sebab dah terflush. So, A called his dad to bring the spare keys, nasib baik ayah die xkisah. I got into the movie first, cause im like in annoyance and kinda not ready to meet his dad yet, hee. I bought irelands potatoes and coke for A, masuk movie lambat sikit. 

Saja nak belikan, kesian A penat2 ambek kunci, berkejar2 pegi tgv. The movie was rather okay je la, so typical. These group of guys, trying to have revenge, blabla. boring. Finished at 11, A sent me to UPM, he went back to shahalam, cause his friends are still hanging out in his house. Naik tangga, jumpa kucing comel, bagi makan. Kencing. Online. :D