Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yesterday: Went to SMK11, but datas not enough since the school is preparing for Hari Sukan, many students were not in class. So we have to continue next week. Went to alamanda with F and KC. Ate springy noodle with tempura atNoodle Station, while waiting for food, I went to Cold Storage to buy stuff to cook, ayam, ikan, sotong, telur, brokoli. Yum! Dah boleh masak sebab multicooker dah elok, murah je repair, for 20bux je. Then, A ajak pergi pasar tani putrajaya with his friend, but i was tired. He bought me mannnnyy Mangga Masam! OOHHH SEDAP!

Mama came at 10.30pm to pick me up, at that time i was eating dinner with A di pondok bawah. Nasi putih and lauk2 la. Borak2 anatara menantu dan mertua haha. Came home and online using A's maxis broadband, slow jugak la. But its okay. Dapat la jugak online sampai around 4.50am, tengok tumblr, SHOELUST. Most of the shoes are DEMMDAMNDEMMGorgeous. Alexander McQueen is very talented!! (the picture below is by him) Poor thing he died. But the shoes are all verryy tinggi, semua macam 5-6 inches kot. Anyway, Ive posted the pictures in another page. CHECKITOUT!

-mangga masam dan garam sedap, tgh makan ni sambil online haha. Chocs and sweets are a no no for me. Sweet stuff sangat memuakkan, i prefer sour and spicy food. RAwr~ :DD

Today: Saturday, havent bought flowers for mama yet. Tonight kot. DUnno, maybe tomorrow. Woke up at 2, mandi makan solat. Now online. Updating blog, downloading songs. Baru lepas tengok hindustan, Mann. Sejuta kali tengok pun sedih haha. Cte tu best ok, cte zaman dulu2. Dah la, mwahx!


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