Saturday, July 3, 2010

wake up alarm. emergency!

The cons and cons (no pros)
  •  i forgot EVERYTHING. i cant even remember some of my lecturers name, inikan ape dorang ajar!
  • im doomed. screwed. 
  • i dont even remember most of the medical terms anymore. oh hey, patient tu kne angin ahmar ke, eh asthma kot? oh hm ok. xde la seteruk ni. tp confirm byk gile yg lupa. hari tu pg skola, dorg ckp psl bcg, pastu aku tanya bcg yg mana eh. afiq ckp utk elak tb tu. aku bole plak buat muka mcm uh? tb? uhh. mana eh. lepas setgh jam bru dpt teka. OHHH YANG KAT PARU2 TU!
  • sheesh. anyway,
  • 3rd year, which means, more hardwork, more books, more pressure
  • more difficult form of examination
  • more fierce lecturers, more standing up and berebut2 nk tengok patient (what i experienced from ece)
  • wake up at around 5am every day for 3 months, shower in a cold shower with small bathroom with no mirror or shelf. not including the dirtiness, the absence of light, oh and memandangkan satu rumah group b, not that im complaining (i love it that all my housemates are in the same group with me), but everyone will be queing untuk mandi. haih.
  • need to iron (this could be done during the weekends), umm need to wear formal clothes: baju kurung or blouses or shirt + non jeans.
  • tudung plak. mcm mane nak pakai stethoscope? aku pkai tudung indon tu kang aggg. xle trime. (and confirm2 shawl xle, mane nak cucuk, buat lubang kt tlinge bleh ak?)
  • no more comfy flip flops, just shoes (melecetlah kaki, berparutlah kaki)
  • 6.30: need to take bus to hkl, long journey. (i just hope i can fall asleep in the bus) -note to self, dont sit far behind, itll be too bumpy to sleep.
  • arrived at, god knows when. have to walk from grand seasons to hkl. oh kenapa xturunkn kt hkl je? then, need to wait some more.
  • i dont even know when do i get the chance to have breakfast (pling suck)
  • during rounds, confirm: will be standing up and walking the whole time. 
  • feelings: tired. annoyed. starving. rasa nak terberak. panas. nak pitam. bengang. sial. homicidal mode. confirm ada.
  • hkl itu panas. (pakai labcoat lagi) kena bwk bnde2 alah mcm stethoscope lagi. pen, buku. segala kejadah hp, purse.
  • will be at hkl from morning till evening. probably 5/6pm
  • xde recess break, balik bilik/pegi library for a nap anymore.
  • food will be more expensive, and need to queue laaagi panjang (kntin hkl sesak) tapi lg byk choice of food la ;DD
  • less free time. less movies, less karaoke, no shopping spree anytime i want, no regular meet up with old friends. less last minute plans of hanging out with coursemates. (hm maybe ada)
  • ade ke masa nak fb? men game? :((
  • confirm sesetgh akan ckp, 'malas la nk keluar, duit xde la, aku ade keje' and lagi satu group yg slalu ajk kuar plak akan ckp 'alah asik busy je ko ni'  hmmph.
  • ill be ketinggalan for all the gossips between my old friends. yang dah bercerai berai dah ada balak baru, baru dan lagi baru. mesti dpt tau lambat.

and i dont know what else, ps: im not being pessimist, im being realistic.

oh hell. at least im not going through this alone. with him being there, and friends. anythings possible. kan? insyallah. but im sure, along the way there will be so much swear words, saat2 cuak dan pengecut, cranky moods, tahap mengutuk paling gaban and everything thats not pretty. i hope all that wont kill me.
tolongla dpt dr baik2. tolongla.

things that are hard but didnt kill me, makes me stronger. so, either ill die or become stronger. i will see.

listening to emergency by paramore.

Friday, July 2, 2010

PenangYouEvilPlace + AlamAnda.

This entry is for yesterday and today.
First important point, i stayed up the whole night, as usual, staring at the ceiling, avoiding eddy from playing by the window, using teddies to distract him. Oh memang tak tidur. Tau2 je dah azan subuh. Then i go online till 7 something, and tak sempat mandi. Follow mommy to her office, punch card dulu then she sent me to UPM, took some stuff to my room (baju2 kurung). Went to meet afiq, he sent me to the faculty (eventhough dekat, ya saye nak dihantar haha) then i went to meet Dr Faisal, tunggu die bergayut lama2 baru dapat sign hard cover tu. Then pergi bilik Dr Rampal, malangnya ad student arab tengah jumpa dia. So kena tunggu lama gila, mcm rude plak masuk time die ade guest. But after around 20 minutes of waiting outside his room while holding 5 thick hard cover thesis, i just knock and ask for his signature. Gladly, he signed all the thesis without much complains. >__< Then i passed up my log book and another 1 hard cover for Dr Salmiah at the office cause Salmiah wasnt in her room. Legaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gila! Semua dah settle. Bru btol2 rasa freedom nak mati. Rase beban semu hilang. No more group discussions and boring grammar corrections.

So after tht i went back to my college block, kacau midil and pipah kejap. Gave her some of my lychee pudding that i brought from home. And take a loooong nap till 4pm, zohor, continue sleeping till 6. Didnt have enough time to take shower, and off to alamanda dengan keadaan masam dan busuk haha. Takpe, perfume bleh cover.

We ate dinner at kenny rogers, the beef bolognaise pasta was tastelesssss, so i asked for a bit of salt bru okay. But i finished it anyway ;DD merayau2 semua kedai. Bought a leopard printed mini skirt and a yellow-orange tunic dress/blouse from nichii, another 2 bouquet of fake carnations (same like the ones that i bought yesterday) and a spray bottle from carrefour.

PS: Lama tak jalan2 ngan dorang, so besh ar ;DD Bwat2 bnde xsenonoh depan public itu kelakar. And afiq arrived safely at Penang pukul 11 tadi. Thankgod. Yayyy, mintak2 dpt souvenirs besh2! Hehek, jgn die belikan laksa penang suda la ;DD

oh oh lup nk cerita! tadikan time solt maghrib, time rakaat ke3, rase mcm tjatuh something kt kaen, tp wt dono je la sambung bace alfatihah. bile rukuk tu O_O haha, trus tersengih. rupenye kaen dh terlondeh. aigooo. dah la solat barisan depan skali. huhh, wat bodo je la, slumber smbung sujud semua. naseb baek pakai jeans straight cut yg agak bsr and labuh, so die sngkut kt bhgian ankle. xnmpk kaki. phewh. (bru sedar, ade hikmahnye pki seluar kt dlm time solat, kalau pkai spender/shorts je, xke batal dah solat tu >_<)


Yesterday was kinda boring. Woke up at 4pm. Mommy went home, asked me to go to alamanda after maghrib. Arrived at 8pm, walk around some shops for a while. Bought another flops from Roxy, the same design that i lost in Melaka. Except that this time its in size 8. Sokay, im getting bigger each day anyway ;D

Then we had dinner at secret recipe. I had Vietnamese Beef Noodle with a can of pepsi. Deli cious. Ordered 1 slice of pecan butterscotch as a take away dessert.
I was restless cause i didnt bought anything, and its already 10! Semua kedai nak tutup dah. Sedihhh. Lintang pukang la cari kedai, and carrefour was the only shop that was still open. So i bought 3 glass bowls (wanted to use these bowls to put my accessories like bracelets and necklaces, exactly like forever 21's display bowls, cept that mine are bit smaller) and 3 carnation plastic flowers. Then when i got out, cari2 lagi kedai, and the magazine shop's light is still on. So boleh nampak indian guy tu was counting the money from the casher machine, so i go there and ask, nak beli cleo boleh. Padahal die dah turunkan besi tu sampai ke bwh dah. haha, nak jugakk. Pastu seb baek die bagi beli. Yay! And we went to the movies, igtkan nak tengok. But i already watched all of it, except for IP Man, and its at 12 something am. Gila. So we went home. Crite SALT xde oh kt alamanda, sengal betul.

Tomorrow i need to go to upm, need to pass up some hard cover thesis to the lecturers and pass up my log book. Oh harap xkena marah ke apa. Taksuka. Oh siapalah suka kena marah, org gila je kot.

Annnddd the sad thing is, afiq is going to penang tomorrow at 4pm, by bus. With his friend, Ali. Jalan2 and pegi rumah Ong, nak lawat putih (his old cat) :(( risau. janganla driver die buat hal. *doa doa* bleh x suro afiq supply kopi kt driver tu? hmm. tkut tetido plk. sb bek bukan tiket malam.

hmm, xdpt jmpe esok esok dan esok. haih.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I rather do this than sleep.

Found this list in someones tumblr, so i think imma do this. Anyone who wanna do this too, let me know ;) im tagging anyone whos willing to do this. Oh im just bored. I have insomnia.


A cell phone.
A hair straightener. used to have, lost it :(
Your own computer.
Your own car
Chanel/Dior/Gucci sunglasses.
A designer purse.
A boyfriend/girlfriend
A curling iron.
Every Fall Out Boy CD.
Something from American Eagle
Something from Hot Topic
Something from Hollister
Something from Abercrombie.
A pet.
Some type of trophy/award.
Full/Queen-size bed.
King-size bed.
An iPod
Something from a professional team
Ever had more than $100 at a time.
Monster, Full Throttle, Amp, Red Bull, etc. in your fridge.
Something Green Day.
A desk in your room.
A hill in your backyard.
A pair of skis
An alarm clock.
A pair of ice skates.
A treadmill.
Your own phone line.
Bath lotion.
Necklaces and bracelets.
A journal/diary.
Yogurt and peaches in your fridge.
X’s in your screen name
A birthday in September.
A famous relative
A disowned relative.
A relative that lives in Florida.
Your own bathroom.
Your own band.
Any rock band shirts.
A guitar. Used to have this
A hammock.
A basketball hoop.
A soccer net.
A bike.
An electric scooter.
A minivan.
A V.C. Andrews book.
A friend that does drugs/alcohol/smokes.
A locker at school.
A baby.
Sparkly blue nail polish.
A “Vote for Pedro” shirt.
The movie “40 Year Old Virgin”.
A promise ring.
A pool table.
A swimming pool/hot tub.
Flip flops.
Steve Madden shoes.
The Sims 2.
A ping pong table.
An air hockey table.
A basement.
Construction paper.
Markers, crayons, etc..
Coloring books.
A nice singing voice haha
Some type of disease.
Rose Red movie.
VCR/DVD player.
A mom or dad.
An older brother.
An older sister.
A younger brother. (lain mak lain bapak haha)
A younger sister.
A sled.
A lake/pond/river/ocean near your house.
Friends who is like you - theyre all diff than me :(

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walking down memory lane.

i was uploading some pictures from some files into fb just now. and somehow i found old pictures that i took long ago, but i forgot to upload. banyak sangat. some are just stupid pictures that i took for fun. but its nice. looking at all the pictures from way back in first sem until now. i realized i had so much fun with my coursemates. i love this life im living. i love it when we all gather in lecture halls just to sleep and chat random stuffs. or for some people, to actually concentrate on the lecturers haha. and now i have another 3 years with them, im excited! i love you guys so much eventhough we're all not that close. but i really feel happy when everyone is back in college, starting new semester, saying wuyo baju baru sihh, bag baru ehh? ahaha i hope even after we graduate in 2013, im gonna see you guys and hang out once in a while until i got too old to hang out ;)) pictures are such a great way of reminding me what my life was. what my life is. so yeah, im gonna continue taking lots of pictures, and i mean really really fricking lots. so that in future, im gonna smile looking at them and say, wow my life WAS great back in college.

Zoo Negara!

Ya, entry kali ni nak cerita psl pergi zoo negara ahad lepas. ^^ But this time, more pictures and less wordy wordy (hee ayat dr khatiza, curik jap)

  • Dimulekan cerita.. afiq datang rumah, mcm biase saye xsiap lagi, malah, baru bangun! haha. So die on9 & berborak sama parents sementara saye bersiap. Then kami lunch dgn masakan mama. Ayam masak cili padi, oh sedap2. 
  • Lepas salam parents, bertolaklah kami ke zoo negara, time tu mendung. bertolak dari putrajaya pukul 2 lebih.
  • Tiket die RM20 per person, mahal kan? xpwas ati gk. tapi ble da msk tu, niat sedekah je la sbb kesian tgk tmpt tu cm da lame, xde upgrade2 pun, mcm xberjage. afiq kate tempat ni mcm xlaku, xcukup nk tampung pbelanjaan, xramai dtg kot. Anyway, kitorg kne pakai tag kertas kt wrist haha. Xbleh blah kn siap tngkp gamba, ye aku mmg bosan duk dlm keta lps balik hahaha.

    Mule2 tu jalan2 bahagian depan, lalu tempat landak, tempat squirrel. Landak die ade 2 ekor. Kuda pony pn ade! Comel. Tapi kami dtg lmbt taw, terlepas tgk animal show. Sempat tgk anjing laut je. Dia buat action bye2 and tepuk tgn. hoho comel.

    Then lalu penguin house. Tapi nanti cite. Time ni xhujan lg. So masuk ke akuarium tengok2 ikan. Dalam tu banyak sangat ikan. Segala ikan semua ada. Ikan yg saye igt, ade belut, ikan belacak, patin, baung, lampam jawa, ikan ekor oren, ikan ade tulisan khat, ikan pakinson pun ade (ape pnye name tah haha) and mcm2 la. Tapi xpuas ati satu benda, cermin akuarium die kn mcm xbersih tau. So nk tngkp gamba ikan, gamba xclear. Tnsyen sunggoh. Kalau ade wiper automatic kn senang. Mcm wiper kreta tu. Baru bersih skit cermin. Oh byknye aku ckp. Okok.
    • Lepas tu bila keluar, hujan renyai ade lg. heee. so lepak situ sambil mkn mr potato, tangkap2 gamba skit. Redah ujan sket and kami pergi balik tmpt penguin, time tu die tgh bagi makan penguin.
    • Comel! Jalan senget2. Lompat brenang2. Dorang makan mcm ganas gila oh, maybe sbb die xleh gune tgn time mkn kot? so die goyang2 head banging kepala die utk mkn ikan2 tu. Serious cuak tgk die mkn, mcm hwahwahwaaaahh. Nseb bek tengkuk die xtercabut.
     Memang mcm psycho, saye siap record cara die mkn. Nanti da upload saye letak sini. Confirm gelak pnye haha.
    • Kemudian kami ke bahagian mammals and reptiles.
    • Ni badak air yang pemalas, semua ketiga2 nya tengah berendam.
    • Bawah ni plak gamba seladang, besarrrr gila. Banyak plak tu.

    Pastu kann, pegi bahagian beruang matahari tau. Time tu plak saye ngan afiq tgh isap honey sticks, die mcm choki choki, tapi ade madu dlm tu. Kami pun bace la ayat description die. And ayat die lebih kurang camni "beruang matahari amat sukakan madu" hah. So, saye toleh2 belakang, bile tgk xde org. saye cmpak 1 honey stick, bear tu terus berlari kejar stick tu! rupenye die da lame nak, patutlah die berjalan2 mcm resah je. Kuat kan idung dorang. Rase mcm nk campak lagi, tapi time tu other tourist datang, cuak plak kne tangkap kang. Pastukan, dorang punye tempat ni, ada wayar elektrik. Kesian. Mesti banyak kali dorg kne electric shock. Haih, kesian.
    Pastu tengok memerang plak. Yang ni lagi comeelll. Bila ktorg dtg dorg brenang2 je. Tapi pakcik yang jage dorang tibe2 nk bg ikan tau. Dorang terus berdiri2 lompat2 bersandar kat dinding buat muke kesian, cicicicicici cicicici (bunyi dorang) sambil brebut2 smpai ade sekor tu tamak haloba gila, die amek 4 ekor ikan. Due kat mulut, satu tgn kiri satu lagi ikan kat tgn kanan haha. klaka gila. pastu duk makan smbil brendam dlm air. amboi2~  nikmat agaknye.
      •  Ni plak rusa jawa. or JAVANESE deer. haha. baru tau ari tu yg jawa juge dikenali sebagai java in english. Another picture tu kangaroo! malangnya koala xde, hmm kenapa eh. maybe xleh survive kot kt temperature negara ni. Tapi kangaroo die xbsr, mcm besar budak 3 taun cmtu je.
      •  Lupe name benda ni, probably flamingo birds. Banyak sangat, kaki keding nk mati.
      • Kura2 sebesar dunia pun ada. Ni ha, besar gila, kena hentak mmg mampus. Die duk melepek je, agaknye die pun xlarat nak bawak badan die sendiri. Haih tu la, tanak diet. >__<

      • Yang ni plak buaya Jenjulung ke apa, xigt sgt la name die. Tak pun buaya tembaga. Salah satu la name die, sbb ade 2 jenis kat situ. Dorang ni cm patung je, duk mcm tu mcm xbernyawa pun ade.
      • Kat bawah ni pulak ialah ular2, die mcm ade satu rumah penuh ngan kaca2 ngan ular. Yang dlm gamba ade satu ular pokok, yg berlingkar tu ular air, satu lagi king cobra. atau ular tedung ape tah. Haha memang xmasuk otak la name2 die. Lupaaa~ Ular albino pun ade, yg kaler kuning tu. Cantik2 la, tapi kesian la. Duduk terkurung. Agg. Benci plak pegi, sebab kesian ngan bnatang2 ni.

      • Oh2. Yang ni FAVOURITE!!! Its a leopard!! Sumpah cantik, ok gamba ni mungkin xnampak cm gila babi cantik. Tapi serious, nmpk depan2 mmg cantik gila. Rasa nak pelok cium kidnap bawak balik rumah. Kulit die, bulu die, muke die, badan die. Even suara die mase mengaum pun mmg sexy habis lah!!! Rawrrhhg Rawhh Rawwhhhhhhhhh! Rahhh Rahhh Waghhhh. Macho kan??? Nak ciommm :(( Nak benam muke kt perot die. Kenapalah eddy xbesar mcm ni. Suntik growth hormone bru taw.

      •  Bawah ni plak harimau belang sumatera, ada satu lagi harimau belang malaya. Nampak cm same je dari jauh, ye la. Die punye xde cage, tapi dorang dikelilingi kolam, so that harimau xleh lompat and terkam. Jauh la harimau tu, xnmpk sgt. Sedih.
      •  Andd, the other cute kitty is a puma! Comel, time ni die tgh sibuk2 jilat badan, tapi die membelakangkan saye, so xnmpk muke. Penat saye jerit2, wave2 mcm org gile, buat suare rawrggghrawwhh, suare pggl kucing sume die bwat dekk je. Huh sakit jiwe. So ini je la best shot yg ade.

      • Singa plak lagi sedih. Tak nampak. Nampak signnya saja. Mengikut sign tu kan, singa betina penat2 cr makan, singa jantan yg makan dlu. Kwaja x? Hmm, afiq pun kne sound bile saye nmpk ayat ni hahaha. Ape lah singa jntan, pemls!

      • Then kami pergi ke bahagian aviary! That is, the birdy cages. Banyak oh, tapi mls nk tngkp byk2 sbb sume dlm cage, zoom gile babi pun gamba cm xbest je, so tngkp celah2 jaring je la. Merak semua ada. Tapi xde gamba.
      • Gamba bwh ni, prasan x ade burung kanan tu tgh membuta? hehe. Sergah2 pn die membuta jgak. Tdo mati agaknye.

      Yang bwh ni plak burung2 yang kite boleh masuk cage die, yang ade pintu jaring tu. Dorang biakan kitorang msk dlm, burung ni pnakut, bile kite dtg die lari terbang. Duk tertungguk kt pokok kayu tu.
        • Pastu, yang ni kan. Maybe nmpk mcm ostrich taw. But noo, this is burung EMU! Hehe, dorang ni tgh mandi2 garu bontot agaknye. x_O Burung lain pun ada. Ada satu kumpulan burung tu bebas taw. Die siap terbang masuk kandang rusa, curik makanan. Pastu die terbang balik kat tempat die, siot je. 3 ekor plak tu mencurik! Hape pnye hal la. Oh, and swans pun ada :) Very calming and beautiful.

        • And lastly, kami tgk gajah! Ade due ekor tengah makan. Tempat gajah sebelah tempat giraffe. Time tu pun sume giraffe tgh kunyah2 makanan, oh lidah dorang panjanggg. Tahi gajah pulak besar2, busuk mcm tahi lembu ;DD
        • Tu je gamba yg diambek, ade lagi bnatang2 laen mcm monyet, mawas, beruk berbontot togel, tapir, rumah lebah, kancil, kuda pony and laen2. Tapi gamba2nye xde. :) Best pegi, stakat ni penah pegi 3 zoo je rsnye. Zoo melaka, Zoo kemaman and Zoo negara je la. Rasenye zoo negara da byk kali pegi time kecik, tp time bsr ni, bru skali. Lps ni maybe nk explore zoo2 laen plak ;D besh oh tgk animals. Mmg entertained.
        Anyways, lepas tu kami ke pavi. Makan kt food court aje (berjimat) then memandangkan esoknya anniversary kami ke setahun 7 bulan. Saye belikan afiq miniature guess man, while afiq bought me miniatures of magnifique from lancome and lovely from sarah jessica parker.

        Comel plak pfume kecik2, dulu saye ade beli salvatore ferragamo punye. Hmm, klau kumpul miniatures and letak kt small rack pn cm best je kan? hmm tgklah. Hehe. Then kami tgk crite knight and day. Haha, tom cruise mmg klaka la, acting die bodo2 sket but funny kali ni. Cameron diaz mmg cmtu la stiap kali, kelakar and comel :D crite die best, better than when in rome. and somehow i think its kinda same with killers (ashton kutcher and katherine heigl).