Friday, April 30, 2010

Lelaki Berseterika Dua

Went out and watch Iron Man 2 at Alamander, the tickets are mostly sold out, only the front seats are available. So yeah, i sit wayyyy front. Haha, but it doesnt matter, cause the movie ROCKS! Totally worth it and i can watch this movie over and over again without the need to vomit. Very tech and gadgety! Coolies. Oh, FYI, Scarlet Johansson is in the movie too, shes beautifullll. I just love her face, its flawless and kind of exotic. and and AND TONY STARK. Oh hes hot, enough said. His confident-proud-snobbish attitude, kinda like it, makes the character more interesting. More pictures below.

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark

Scarlet Johansson as Agent Romanov

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Gempal!

Gaaawwwwdddddddd! Mahu nangiss. Good thing i still have my manners, or i would have choke that gempal to deathhh agghhhhhbcuebcuinuecgb!

Guu, sobbb. That gempal told us our samples are not enough. 1200 is not enough! kepalahotakdia. Go and take the bps yourself lah! Now he wants us to take bps of all the students in 3 schools! that means, probably more than 1500+! Gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aku boleh jadi gilaaaaaaa ini orang banyak gilaaaaaaaaaaa. :((( Next week have to go 2 schools, and another school on 10th May. Its like i have no holiday already. Im doomed, cursed. Da la tak balik rumah lagi ni. Sian mama. Haih, kalaauu, benda ni tak publish, aku mang benci kau Budak Gempal! akutenyehtenyehtenyehhhhhhhhhhcekikcekikcubitcubitkau!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

selesai sudah. mari cuti.

I am HAPPY!! why? cause theres no more data collection for my group, no more going to school pumping sphygmomanometer, no more wearing painful stethoscopes, no more taking BPs! yeaayyyhhh!  cause today was our last day of collecting data, at presint 8(1), dah la panas gila hari ni. Berpeluh, muka berminyak, ketiak basah 10kali. We got about 100+ samples today, so when added up to our last schools, we got around 1200~ samples. Man, tiring. But actually it was fun la compared to other research groups who didnt do anything but still they have to waste their holiday. Hope this is gonna get published. Or else its all just a waste, well except that i got experience of taking bp. I can proudly say im already like an expert of taking bp, of courseee, ive been taking hundredss. hehe. Anyway, imma go home tomorrow, supposely tonight, but our group have to see Dr. R tomorrow to show him our datas, after that we're free to enjoy our holiday. Yay! Bila holiday apa kita buat? Hari2 bangun lambat, makan lunch terus. Or brunch. Online, watch astro. Catching up on those gossips on E, dramas on star world. Lepak, tidak mandi. hanya masuk bilik air basuh muka, gosok gigi dan kencing && berak. Kemudian makan makan makan. Baringggg saja. Tengok movie, cd, && update cte korea yg xtgk lagi. Cabut uban mama haha. Jalan2, mengedate ngan vampire saya. (poor A, his research samples are not enough yet, were on different group) Kariokiii & movies! Cant wait to watch iron man 2. howt~ oh and maybe updating my deviantart account. Memasak! lupe plak hehe. I wanna learn so many things, like i havent try and cook tomyam yet. && bake kek batik on my own, caramel. gonna make this holiday worthwhile. Insyallah. Plus, need to spend time with my parents, miss them. Especially abah. Other than that, i think i should meet up with my ex schoolmates, its been a long time since we saw each other. I really miss N & M. Those two. & yeah, A, S & others. Rindu korang, dan rindu shopping dengan korang. ok lah ♥♥♥ itu saja, mwahx.

Early Morning.

Late night. Alone, wide awake. Looking at the window searching for the moon. None. Hm, weird. Last night it was a full moon. Tonight, nothing on the sky. Probably the clouds are blocking em. Sometimes, when its quiet like this. Cold and not really windy, it makes me wish i can be on the highest building looking down to the city, looking at the lights of houses or other buildings. Just like what spiderman or batman always do after saving anybodys life. Just hanging out there and enjoy the cold wind brushing their face.  

Or somehow i always dream of someone broke into my room through the window. Just like the classic vampire story ive read years ago. where one hot, mysterious, pale, blue/green eyed vampire will come into the room, kidnap me and keep me as his pet haha. that would be nice. scary, but wickedly nice.

Well, thats just a dream. in reality, its just me looking out the window wishing for something extraordinary to happen. Oh, i keep on wishing life should be more than this. Its too dull dont you think. Wake up every morning, doing the same thing. Complaining life is boring every single day. I just feel that i was born to experience more than this. Just, lepak je tunggu cuti habis. Boring gila okay. Hmm. I think i should reopen my list of things to do before i die. Wanna add more. Tomorrow ill be posting the list, i forgot whats the password for myspace. Cause i posted it there.

Nevermind, whatever it is. Theres always tomorrow for something to happen aite. Anything can happen. So lets just hope tomorrows gonna be great and weird, like upms bulding terbakar ke. Hm, not so nice. But at least something happens. I think im a drama/trouble-addict. Normal quiet life bores me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


ah, this picture reminds me. tomorrow ill be bored againnnnn!

and and haha, found this picture while looking for boredome pics in google. bodoh. LOL

boredome domeass.

Felt really alone today. No reason, just felt like it. Oh, probably because im the only one in the house! but including S, but shes basically stuck in her room watching tv which im not interested to join. Local TV channel never amuses me anyway, blame it on astro. Not that im not patriotic or anything, the shows are just boring and lame. Anyway, watched Live Free Die Hard today, which in the end i wish i can hack that good too, you know, hack the defense system just from a laptop, anyway the bad guy, i dunno his real name (Thomas Gabriel, name in the movie) looks so like Josh Duhamel. Which is kinda hot, but evillish. MMhm. Nevermind that, sooo as i was saying. After that movie, everything i did was boring, play Petville, check up on Fb & Plurk. Plurk is so boring man, maybe because i have less friends there, so Im like stuck with few plurk updates. Which everyone just say the same old thing everyday, not very entertaining~ 

Eddy was playing around, being noisy and all. But hes there to keep me company, and he sometimes get lost but then i found him back wandering the stairs and around peoples shoes. While looking for him, i watch the guys play futsal and the other guys up on the field on the hill plays football. Afiqs there, cause he told me. Good for him, at least he KNOWS what to do eventhough this college is pretty effing boring. As usual, no girls are seen on the field or anywhere on the court playing anything. The guys are the only ones there. Man, it would be cool if guys and girls can do activities without feeling shy and all. Silly gila. Plus, they conquered the courts, so howla the girls wanna play netball. 
-Im just blabbing la. The things that i really wanna write is actually about my boredome. Man, i feel so bored today that i wished i can go into coma, sleep soundly until theres something great to do. or sleep my way to july, where all the research is done, all that analysishit. and i will wake up wide awake for clinical life. i cant waitttt, im fucking bored of the theory already, give me something to dooo. i cant stay still, it kills me. God, please. give something. like new drama in my life, a turning point, i just want an entertaining life wey, i mean. if not, just give me like 5 peeps as my best friends. yeah, and theyre the ones who ask me to do stupid things like, for example, rob a bank or something. go and play fire by the lake near surau ke. go fishing! or go river rafting, bunjee jumping, jungle trekking! if only i was invited to go gunung ledang that day, i seriously would go weyh! im sick and tired of girls stuff who just hang out in shopping malls, online and gossip stupid things in room, post out random status just to gain attention. give me a break la. i know i like those stuff, but theres more to me than shopping and getting to know each other. whatever it is, im bored wey. totally bored. bored bored as in hell would be more interesting for me.  BOREDOOOOOMMMM SUCKS THE LIFE OUTTA MEEE. dont let me die.

-but overall. today, i was saved by A, he took me out for dinner. and now im at faculty. online. shit. but hey, good thing, i get to watch the latest gossip girl. FUN!