Wednesday, April 28, 2010

selesai sudah. mari cuti.

I am HAPPY!! why? cause theres no more data collection for my group, no more going to school pumping sphygmomanometer, no more wearing painful stethoscopes, no more taking BPs! yeaayyyhhh!  cause today was our last day of collecting data, at presint 8(1), dah la panas gila hari ni. Berpeluh, muka berminyak, ketiak basah 10kali. We got about 100+ samples today, so when added up to our last schools, we got around 1200~ samples. Man, tiring. But actually it was fun la compared to other research groups who didnt do anything but still they have to waste their holiday. Hope this is gonna get published. Or else its all just a waste, well except that i got experience of taking bp. I can proudly say im already like an expert of taking bp, of courseee, ive been taking hundredss. hehe. Anyway, imma go home tomorrow, supposely tonight, but our group have to see Dr. R tomorrow to show him our datas, after that we're free to enjoy our holiday. Yay! Bila holiday apa kita buat? Hari2 bangun lambat, makan lunch terus. Or brunch. Online, watch astro. Catching up on those gossips on E, dramas on star world. Lepak, tidak mandi. hanya masuk bilik air basuh muka, gosok gigi dan kencing && berak. Kemudian makan makan makan. Baringggg saja. Tengok movie, cd, && update cte korea yg xtgk lagi. Cabut uban mama haha. Jalan2, mengedate ngan vampire saya. (poor A, his research samples are not enough yet, were on different group) Kariokiii & movies! Cant wait to watch iron man 2. howt~ oh and maybe updating my deviantart account. Memasak! lupe plak hehe. I wanna learn so many things, like i havent try and cook tomyam yet. && bake kek batik on my own, caramel. gonna make this holiday worthwhile. Insyallah. Plus, need to spend time with my parents, miss them. Especially abah. Other than that, i think i should meet up with my ex schoolmates, its been a long time since we saw each other. I really miss N & M. Those two. & yeah, A, S & others. Rindu korang, dan rindu shopping dengan korang. ok lah ♥♥♥ itu saja, mwahx.


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