Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Early Morning.

Late night. Alone, wide awake. Looking at the window searching for the moon. None. Hm, weird. Last night it was a full moon. Tonight, nothing on the sky. Probably the clouds are blocking em. Sometimes, when its quiet like this. Cold and not really windy, it makes me wish i can be on the highest building looking down to the city, looking at the lights of houses or other buildings. Just like what spiderman or batman always do after saving anybodys life. Just hanging out there and enjoy the cold wind brushing their face.  

Or somehow i always dream of someone broke into my room through the window. Just like the classic vampire story ive read years ago. where one hot, mysterious, pale, blue/green eyed vampire will come into the room, kidnap me and keep me as his pet haha. that would be nice. scary, but wickedly nice.

Well, thats just a dream. in reality, its just me looking out the window wishing for something extraordinary to happen. Oh, i keep on wishing life should be more than this. Its too dull dont you think. Wake up every morning, doing the same thing. Complaining life is boring every single day. I just feel that i was born to experience more than this. Just, lepak je tunggu cuti habis. Boring gila okay. Hmm. I think i should reopen my list of things to do before i die. Wanna add more. Tomorrow ill be posting the list, i forgot whats the password for myspace. Cause i posted it there.

Nevermind, whatever it is. Theres always tomorrow for something to happen aite. Anything can happen. So lets just hope tomorrows gonna be great and weird, like upms bulding terbakar ke. Hm, not so nice. But at least something happens. I think im a drama/trouble-addict. Normal quiet life bores me.


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