Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Gempal!

Gaaawwwwdddddddd! Mahu nangiss. Good thing i still have my manners, or i would have choke that gempal to deathhh agghhhhhbcuebcuinuecgb!

Guu, sobbb. That gempal told us our samples are not enough. 1200 is not enough! kepalahotakdia. Go and take the bps yourself lah! Now he wants us to take bps of all the students in 3 schools! that means, probably more than 1500+! Gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aku boleh jadi gilaaaaaaa ini orang banyak gilaaaaaaaaaaa. :((( Next week have to go 2 schools, and another school on 10th May. Its like i have no holiday already. Im doomed, cursed. Da la tak balik rumah lagi ni. Sian mama. Haih, kalaauu, benda ni tak publish, aku mang benci kau Budak Gempal! akutenyehtenyehtenyehhhhhhhhhhcekikcekikcubitcubitkau!


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