Friday, July 23, 2010


Tensinya. Bila pergi tutorial hari selasa and khamis, kena tunggu bus yg lambat. Lalu tertanya2, nak buat apa ni? Aneh bila semua macam busy je macam ade plan and jadual yang ketat, dan aku hanya eh, kena buat apa ha. Sedangkan mereka semua pergi clerk patient dengan gembira. Aku hanya berasa, la kena clerk lagi ke. Kenapa aku sorang je yang rase takde motif clerk patient saje. Apela masalah aku ni. Rasa macam takde hala tuju hidup. Kenapa nak clerk je patient, lepas clerk nak buat apa. PE tak hebat pun, nak practise, patient semua tido and macam kesian je nak ganggu dorang. Ataupun tu semua alasan aku je yang malas nak clerk patient. Sebab case nya boring je, benda2 biasa. Dan rasa takde motif lagi, bila kite tanya CC die, die terus bgtau disease dia. Alamak, kantoi dah penyakit die, rasa macam, eh bwatpe nak clerk, da tau sakit apa. Spoil dah. Tapi tanya je la memandangkan patient dah semangat nak jawab. So aku pun tanyala apa2 aja berkaitan penyakit tu and confirm la patient jawab positive for every questions yang aku tanye tu, sebab aku da tau die sakit apa! agg. Lagi satu pula bile puas2 tanya, dah tau sangat die sakit ape, tapi macam, oh die ni cholelithiasis. So? Die siap dah dibedah dah pun, dah baik dah pun. Ko nak buat apa. Kumpul case sampai 100 ke. Kena ke clerk sampai banyak2. Rasa macam takde ending, clerk tapi lepas tu nak buat apa. Dilema benar. Rase macam kena present je la kot. and practise practise PE je semuanya. Kenapala rasa medic ni boring pulak jadinya. Mungkin rasa tak best sebab takde dr nak ajar. Semua dr yang sepatutnya guide group aku, takde. Minggu ni memang tak productive, tak belaja skill ape2. Memang useless habis. Setakat baca browse je kejenya hari2. Takpun buku cap ayam yg kadang2 info dia xcukup and xmacam ape dr and senior crite. Rasa macam nak kidnap 2 senior 5th year untuk tlg PE, tlg semua basic yg patut tau, baru best jumpa patient. Memangla kena pergi clerk patient, jumpa je walaupun tak tau apa2. pergi je clerk. ha, korang semua mcm tu. Tapi, sampai bila nak clerk. lepas tu dah salin2 cerita bagai makcik pakcik kat hkl tu, pastu nak buat apa. Korg xde plak present. Klau korg present kat aku ke, tak ke membantu aku skali, bleh la aku blaja cmne nk present ke. Ini semua simpan salinan tu, buat collection, oh aku jumpa patient ni. Oh patient tu. Ohh, jgn la cerita mcm tu je, macam tgk berita plak, makcik Peah sakit bontot, pakcik Labu sakit otak, ha ye okay, tapi cerita la dari awal, biar ramai2 dgr korg present, and lepas tu kitorg plak present case kitorg (bukan bercerita, tapi present). Present lagi bagus and tlg exam nanti. Hmmph. Agaknya sorg kena start kot, baru ramai2 nak mengekot meniru nak buat skali. >_< Entah la, rasa clueless and takde motif. Entah kenapa. Mungkin minggu ni saja kot, sebab asik takde class je. Bosan betul. Macam dunia tak berputar je.

Dr Subhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, marilah jumpa. Bosan takde org nak betulkan salah kte, xde org yg bpengalaman nk bgtau kite lupe cek tracheal deviation ke apa, xde org nk bgtau ape motif kte buat TD tu, ape pushing ape pulling. Kalau belaja sama2 org xde ilmu, camne nak improve. Kena buat study group la.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polyvore Obsession.

hee, i am lifeless. i stole hundreds of pictures from polyvore and made a cikai wallpaper! truly lifeless, obsessed and addicted. plus, im craving for the free times where i can just go to malls after classes and spend money carelessly. oh rindu saat cuti semester. sekarang ni semua nak kena baca pasal hernia hernia and gambar scrotal yang membengkak dan membonjol dengan penis berbentuk aneh dan bulu pubiknya yang tak berdandan. jadi, by drooling over polyvore pictures, its sort of my way of manipulating my brain from dreaming about destructed genitals. yeck.

ini dia wallpaper. lebih kepada poster la, besar. (click je)

kalau jd editor of a fashion magazine pun macam best je kan? hmm. berangan.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A lil bit of Fashion Lusting before sleep.

today was the typical woke-up-late due to enormous dream session, dreamt of something i cant really remember. anyway, went to the hospital, ate lunch with akmal (no i didnt cheat on anyone, shes my housemate, a female) go up to the surgical wards, clerked 2 patients. the first one was a pharmacy graduate, very clever. he even taught me on a lot of pharmaceuticals that ive never heard of, including about viagra used to save neonates, and also about daun ketum relieving asthma and the highness it caused if ppl took it too much. and more of it. he even talked about political stuff and some religious views. very informative.
then, for the second patient is a 62 year old chinese. came for angioplasty but didnt work out well, cause right after that, his dr discovered some calcifications in his coronary artery which an angioplasty wouldnt be much help. blablabla, a nice old man who speaks malay fluently, very cute and adorable :))

came back home, there was a fogging activity, so harus lepak kat tepi jalan. blablabla, went to the medic idol (performance/competition dr first year students) best! sangat terhibur dari awal hingga ke akhir. walaupun ade skit dissapointment bile ade org xtau nyanyi lagu shahir and bunkface dgn btol, aku plak yg mnyanyi cm nk gile kt krusi tu. ;D best2. semua sing along like old friends eventhough we're not really that close as seniors and juniors. but the whole thing was good and entertaining, enough for me la ;)  saw my buddy, berhindustan, comel. saw some talented peeps, especially si adiputra yang muke mcm afiq. ;)) sangat pandai buat show, very energetic. and based on what afiq told me, hes a nice junior. good then. and one kelate boy whos very good in dancing, and this one chinese boy. hoh. ohhhh ade sorg laki comel, menari lagu wondergirls. haha. GELEK baek punye. sangat suka dia. menyanyi pun sedap. ;)) cant wait for medic night. probably on 2nd october, mintak2 best.

anyway, went to mcd for take away dinner. had dinner with afiq depan blok sambil borak2 mesyuarat tingkap. and balik bilik on9 ;)) esok ada tutorial with tekfu gee gee gee gee, tp xbace apa. oh, menyorok blkg org len la esk weeeeeeeee. ok, ini sedikit gamba from polyvore, enjoy!

pictures with skinny jeans, animal printed tops and pastel coloured clothing. top 3 related items that i LOVE to wear when i go out. ;))

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stuffs that i WANT in my Closet.

these are all the pictures that i took from polyvore, everything is picked based on what i usually wear and what i would want to wear someday. 
i love all of them.

credit to polyvore

Kesimpulan 2 Minggu.

Just wanted to update some few stuffs in my uni life.
  • had an introduction classes for medicine and surgery for the past 2 weeks.
  • got mr khairul asri, prof freda meah and prof christopher as my supervisor.
  • fortunately they were all nice and not the fierce type of clinicians.
  • i got called as a star student, and impressed prof christopher, which really made me happy until now. boosted up my confidence level wayyy up.
  • made a PE to a patient in nephrology ward. his name is hafizi, hes nice. (one of the reason why christopher was impressed), thanks to the seniors who taught me a lot of clinical stuff. helped me a lot in answering christophers unexpected questions.
  • i got to know a patient whom is super friendly. uncle mohyadin. his life story was so sad, i cried a bit, in front of shafiq and baem. aigo. xble tahan. cerita die sedih. kesian sangat, (lain kali jgn ckp idup sendri sedih, idup orang lain lebih teruk lebih banyak dugaan, syukur je la ngan idup sederhana tapi happy ni) his story was more about his ex wife and his 2 disrespectful daughters. about his brother who stole his money and went nuts. about his near death experience, his soft friends and mcm2 lagi.
  • i hope he'll get better soon, cause hes nice. tapi sedih la, diabetes die teruk sampai jari kaki banyak kne amputate. :(( kesian. his heart and kidneys pun mcm nak problem dah.
  • anyways, a lot of other patients had sad stories too. some kne accident, ade yang miscarriage. appendicitis perkara biase pun ada.
  • what else. umm. i got a new female first year as my buddy (kitorang medical students, ada buddy system. dari 5th year sampai 1st year, mcm siblings la, jage masing2, turun2 kan buku, pinjamkan nota semua, setiap kali masuk junior baru, kena amek buddy baru). she was in KMM too. shes friendly and talkative, which i like. senang nak communicate, plus, her house is just below my house, on the first floor. mine is on the 4th.
  • had a tiny miny issue with my 2nd year buddy, he didnt came during buddy day when we're suppose to gather and chitchat. i was pretty mad at him, but not anymore, hes okay now. i think hes just shy and we had a misunderstanding sikit. nvm, its all settled now. at least it was not much of a big deal compared to the other people who had much bigger problems with their buddy. oh, tu crite lain la.
  • me and afiq is still the same, :)) sillier and stronger each day. alhamdulillah. eventhough we're busy with clinical life, we still see each other everyday, talk silly things and went out for dinner everyday.
  • i miss mommy and abah, so i went home this weekend. am currently at home now, lying on the couch.
  • just got back from upm, went to MTB (Malam Tunas Budaya 2010)
  • Our college, Kolej 17 won the first place, AGAIN. dah 5 tahun, sentiasa dapat top places. 4 kali johan, sekali tempat ketiga. bagus kann. hee.
  • bangga sangat, and was so relieved. cause afiq penat tolong2 ajar budak2 choir, ajar singer dorang. klau xmenang mesti afiq bengang. tiap2 hari tido lambat smpai 2-3 pagi. so, baguslah menang. :)) 
  • ni pun tengah sakit tekak, duk jerit mcm vuvuzela tadi. hehehe, worth it! 
  • oh oh, lupe lak. tadi petang before ke upm, i went to the floral and garden putrajaya fiesta. for the second time. i went there yesterday too, with mommy. so today, i went with afiq. took effing lots of pictures, gonna upload it here later. 
  • so thats it, tomorrow im going back to upm. but right after watching movie at mines. jalan jap.
  • so, stuff that i spent for the last 2 weeks: a new EDP perfume from Body Shop (Love etc), baldi Carrefour haha, sabun mandi Dove, sabun basuh baju Kao Attack, a top from Esprit,  a new scarf, 2 house decorations, 2 pink tops and brown top at johor, 2 beautiful boxes, klip baju, paid my bills, reduce my credit limit, terminated 2 postpaid accounts from celcom and maxis yang charge RM30 every month. terminated a stupid message center who charged me RM3 for every messages they sent (scheme yang jahat) had dinner at secret recipe, penang village, village view, rimba, noodle shop, and jm bariani. lunch at pizza hut, kedai luar lecture hall, padang sri serdang and lot 10 bangi.
makanan sedap minggu ini, nasi putih and sotong sambal pedas, telur dadar kosong and kangkung belacan. num num num!