Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A lil bit of Fashion Lusting before sleep.

today was the typical woke-up-late due to enormous dream session, dreamt of something i cant really remember. anyway, went to the hospital, ate lunch with akmal (no i didnt cheat on anyone, shes my housemate, a female) go up to the surgical wards, clerked 2 patients. the first one was a pharmacy graduate, very clever. he even taught me on a lot of pharmaceuticals that ive never heard of, including about viagra used to save neonates, and also about daun ketum relieving asthma and the highness it caused if ppl took it too much. and more of it. he even talked about political stuff and some religious views. very informative.
then, for the second patient is a 62 year old chinese. came for angioplasty but didnt work out well, cause right after that, his dr discovered some calcifications in his coronary artery which an angioplasty wouldnt be much help. blablabla, a nice old man who speaks malay fluently, very cute and adorable :))

came back home, there was a fogging activity, so harus lepak kat tepi jalan. blablabla, went to the medic idol (performance/competition dr first year students) best! sangat terhibur dari awal hingga ke akhir. walaupun ade skit dissapointment bile ade org xtau nyanyi lagu shahir and bunkface dgn btol, aku plak yg mnyanyi cm nk gile kt krusi tu. ;D best2. semua sing along like old friends eventhough we're not really that close as seniors and juniors. but the whole thing was good and entertaining, enough for me la ;)  saw my buddy, berhindustan, comel. saw some talented peeps, especially si adiputra yang muke mcm afiq. ;)) sangat pandai buat show, very energetic. and based on what afiq told me, hes a nice junior. good then. and one kelate boy whos very good in dancing, and this one chinese boy. hoh. ohhhh ade sorg laki comel, menari lagu wondergirls. haha. GELEK baek punye. sangat suka dia. menyanyi pun sedap. ;)) cant wait for medic night. probably on 2nd october, mintak2 best.

anyway, went to mcd for take away dinner. had dinner with afiq depan blok sambil borak2 mesyuarat tingkap. and balik bilik on9 ;)) esok ada tutorial with tekfu gee gee gee gee, tp xbace apa. oh, menyorok blkg org len la esk weeeeeeeee. ok, ini sedikit gamba from polyvore, enjoy!

pictures with skinny jeans, animal printed tops and pastel coloured clothing. top 3 related items that i LOVE to wear when i go out. ;))


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