Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Koreaaa. I Love.

the art of seduction (movie)

unstoppable marriage (movie)

love marriage (drama)

these past few days ive been watching lots and lots of korean dramas and movies. im sooo bloody addicted i didnt even shower haha.

other korean dramas which is worthy of ur time to watch are
  • couple or trouble
  • coffee prince
  • only you
  • full house
  • get karl! oh soo jung
  • my girl
  • super rookie
  • witch yoo hee
and these japanese dramas (i personally prefer koreans, but japanese dramas are nice too)

  • hana kimi
  • hana yori dango I & II
  • my boss my hero
  • absolute boyfriend (zettai kareshi)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Gardens.

oh, before my holiday started, the day before my result came out, neda came to my college and stayed over there for 2 days. my result was gempaaaak~. haha alhamdulillah. i made it to top 50, i got the 31st place. from 123 medical students. which is okay la kan? heh. but yana is much better la, she got the 29th place. afiqs at 37th, shamims at 49th. my other coursemates, bad and farah is really frikkin clever weh. sorg dpt 4th place, sorg lg 11th. hmm. need to study more. chayok2. xpe, next sem haha. 

oh then that evening i went out with neda, munky and sya. afiq tlg hantakan to midvalley. hmm i missed them so much so neda planned the get-together lah. we went to mid first, but i wanna go to gardens cause its more crowd-free there. munky came late as usual haha. neda and me ate ice cream while waiting for sya and munky to come. then we merayau and merayau. went to ylang ylang, bought a necklace. then my long lost petbrother came. cause neda invited him. and uh. we havent met in a long time, so it was kinda awkward. no, its really, very awkward. since he looks so weird, plus the weird dressup. so i dont really care and ignored him haha. mean? yes. but who cares. its not like he cared anyway. the petbropetsis thingy is just a joke pun dulu2. bukan betul. and since neda is the one who made him come, so i asked neda to get rid of him. oh, before that, kitorg sempat jd camwhores dlm toilet gardens haha. masa lunch pun bgambar.

then munky and sya went home. me and neda waited for my deary boyfriend to come. but before that the three of us had dinner at paddington pancakes, i didnt remember what i ordered, but it was nice. then we went home, neda stayed at my college for another night. and the next morning afiq sent her at the nearest ktm. ;))

Holidays can be boring at times.

Yeah, so now im in the first semester break. its just for a month, yeah, too short i know. but i dont mind since a month of staying at home is enough for me. theres nothing much to do, just a lot of hanging out at home or shopping malls. haha. i just love shopping malls. oh and the best thing is, the jpa money for 2nd sem is in. wohoo. its kinda early la compared to the last sem. last sem, the jpa money got in late for 4 months. but its good la, cause i can spend the 4months money sesuka hati after that ^^ takut jgak, cause the jpa money for 2nd sem masuk cpt, im afraid that ill spend it before the 6months ends. hmm, sangat shopaholic.

some stupid things also happen, i lost my handphone in a movie, and some stupid guy found it. cause i called my number and the guy picked up, i heard him answering the phone but then he hung up. sangat jahat. i hope he rots in hell for this. so for a few days i use mommys old handphone nokia n73, sangat xbest cause nokias settings are so different than sony and its a tad weird. but fortunately mommy bought a new handphone for me. she said that its for my 2009 birthday present, she gave it in advance. haiyah. thats 3 months early. nevermind, ill bodek her to buy me something jgak for my bi rthda y haha. then, yesterday i bought a digital camera. actually i wanted to buy an SLR digital camera, however abah didnt really agree, mama lagi la. because he said that kind of camera is heavy, susah nk jage, expensive, high maintenance since it needs to be serviced and cleaned, the lens la ape la. if beli pun its just a standard lens la. and lg satu, abah wants the camera that can record videos too. so, sony T500 is what i chose. i also bought a new purse, a new hairdryer. went to the movies. watch dark floors and bedtime stories with afiq, ip man and the spirit with mommy and abah. went out with some cbner friends.

the camera and the handphone.

some of the movies i went to.

the purse is kinda big but i like it. ^^

who were there : shidee, munky, neda, laila, haf and faiz.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

new post! haha.

im completely clueless. haha! aku rindu abah. (abah aku bkn mcm ni ye. hee aku yg paksa abah pakai shades aku)

blogging are supposed to be easy kn. damn la. or maybe im just slow hehe.