Monday, July 26, 2010

Click Flash

love this song. ;))

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Draped and Striped.

im at home, back for the weekends. went nowhere yesterday, due to fever. probably infections, from sore throat + high temperature to continous runny nose and headache. but thankfully, 2 panadols, a big bottle of 100 plus, and ayam masak cili padi masakan mama cured me 3/4. still sick. sigh.

went to sunway today, wearing a pwettyyyy floral top with peachy coloured cardigan and a black trouser. bought 2 bags from springfield, one for my housemate (as her birthday present) and another one for me! :DD and i bought 2 stuff from promod, a striped top and a drape necklace. watched sorcerers apprentice, besh! kelakar la yang penting.

p/s: thanks love, sorry u didnt win the putra cyber games competition, i still love you ;)).