Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walking down memory lane.

i was uploading some pictures from some files into fb just now. and somehow i found old pictures that i took long ago, but i forgot to upload. banyak sangat. some are just stupid pictures that i took for fun. but its nice. looking at all the pictures from way back in first sem until now. i realized i had so much fun with my coursemates. i love this life im living. i love it when we all gather in lecture halls just to sleep and chat random stuffs. or for some people, to actually concentrate on the lecturers haha. and now i have another 3 years with them, im excited! i love you guys so much eventhough we're all not that close. but i really feel happy when everyone is back in college, starting new semester, saying wuyo baju baru sihh, bag baru ehh? ahaha i hope even after we graduate in 2013, im gonna see you guys and hang out once in a while until i got too old to hang out ;)) pictures are such a great way of reminding me what my life was. what my life is. so yeah, im gonna continue taking lots of pictures, and i mean really really fricking lots. so that in future, im gonna smile looking at them and say, wow my life WAS great back in college.


a maid liar said...

Pictures sure build up that memory lane. (^_~)
(゚ヮ゚ )gonna see you around too!

skinnyjeens said...

^____^ gamba dr mtb lg aku ade, ade ko, mas sume tgh mkn. gamba pegang hamper. huu, best2. memories.

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