Friday, July 2, 2010

PenangYouEvilPlace + AlamAnda.

This entry is for yesterday and today.
First important point, i stayed up the whole night, as usual, staring at the ceiling, avoiding eddy from playing by the window, using teddies to distract him. Oh memang tak tidur. Tau2 je dah azan subuh. Then i go online till 7 something, and tak sempat mandi. Follow mommy to her office, punch card dulu then she sent me to UPM, took some stuff to my room (baju2 kurung). Went to meet afiq, he sent me to the faculty (eventhough dekat, ya saye nak dihantar haha) then i went to meet Dr Faisal, tunggu die bergayut lama2 baru dapat sign hard cover tu. Then pergi bilik Dr Rampal, malangnya ad student arab tengah jumpa dia. So kena tunggu lama gila, mcm rude plak masuk time die ade guest. But after around 20 minutes of waiting outside his room while holding 5 thick hard cover thesis, i just knock and ask for his signature. Gladly, he signed all the thesis without much complains. >__< Then i passed up my log book and another 1 hard cover for Dr Salmiah at the office cause Salmiah wasnt in her room. Legaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gila! Semua dah settle. Bru btol2 rasa freedom nak mati. Rase beban semu hilang. No more group discussions and boring grammar corrections.

So after tht i went back to my college block, kacau midil and pipah kejap. Gave her some of my lychee pudding that i brought from home. And take a loooong nap till 4pm, zohor, continue sleeping till 6. Didnt have enough time to take shower, and off to alamanda dengan keadaan masam dan busuk haha. Takpe, perfume bleh cover.

We ate dinner at kenny rogers, the beef bolognaise pasta was tastelesssss, so i asked for a bit of salt bru okay. But i finished it anyway ;DD merayau2 semua kedai. Bought a leopard printed mini skirt and a yellow-orange tunic dress/blouse from nichii, another 2 bouquet of fake carnations (same like the ones that i bought yesterday) and a spray bottle from carrefour.

PS: Lama tak jalan2 ngan dorang, so besh ar ;DD Bwat2 bnde xsenonoh depan public itu kelakar. And afiq arrived safely at Penang pukul 11 tadi. Thankgod. Yayyy, mintak2 dpt souvenirs besh2! Hehek, jgn die belikan laksa penang suda la ;DD

oh oh lup nk cerita! tadikan time solt maghrib, time rakaat ke3, rase mcm tjatuh something kt kaen, tp wt dono je la sambung bace alfatihah. bile rukuk tu O_O haha, trus tersengih. rupenye kaen dh terlondeh. aigooo. dah la solat barisan depan skali. huhh, wat bodo je la, slumber smbung sujud semua. naseb baek pakai jeans straight cut yg agak bsr and labuh, so die sngkut kt bhgian ankle. xnmpk kaki. phewh. (bru sedar, ade hikmahnye pki seluar kt dlm time solat, kalau pkai spender/shorts je, xke batal dah solat tu >_<)


Yesterday was kinda boring. Woke up at 4pm. Mommy went home, asked me to go to alamanda after maghrib. Arrived at 8pm, walk around some shops for a while. Bought another flops from Roxy, the same design that i lost in Melaka. Except that this time its in size 8. Sokay, im getting bigger each day anyway ;D

Then we had dinner at secret recipe. I had Vietnamese Beef Noodle with a can of pepsi. Deli cious. Ordered 1 slice of pecan butterscotch as a take away dessert.
I was restless cause i didnt bought anything, and its already 10! Semua kedai nak tutup dah. Sedihhh. Lintang pukang la cari kedai, and carrefour was the only shop that was still open. So i bought 3 glass bowls (wanted to use these bowls to put my accessories like bracelets and necklaces, exactly like forever 21's display bowls, cept that mine are bit smaller) and 3 carnation plastic flowers. Then when i got out, cari2 lagi kedai, and the magazine shop's light is still on. So boleh nampak indian guy tu was counting the money from the casher machine, so i go there and ask, nak beli cleo boleh. Padahal die dah turunkan besi tu sampai ke bwh dah. haha, nak jugakk. Pastu seb baek die bagi beli. Yay! And we went to the movies, igtkan nak tengok. But i already watched all of it, except for IP Man, and its at 12 something am. Gila. So we went home. Crite SALT xde oh kt alamanda, sengal betul.

Tomorrow i need to go to upm, need to pass up some hard cover thesis to the lecturers and pass up my log book. Oh harap xkena marah ke apa. Taksuka. Oh siapalah suka kena marah, org gila je kot.

Annnddd the sad thing is, afiq is going to penang tomorrow at 4pm, by bus. With his friend, Ali. Jalan2 and pegi rumah Ong, nak lawat putih (his old cat) :(( risau. janganla driver die buat hal. *doa doa* bleh x suro afiq supply kopi kt driver tu? hmm. tkut tetido plk. sb bek bukan tiket malam.

hmm, xdpt jmpe esok esok dan esok. haih.


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