Wednesday, January 21, 2009


so many things happened for the past few days

  • went out with mei kei, sya, munky, shida and her boyfriend (stuart), syaz who came late, haha as always. then fareez and acap came. bought 2 tops at forever 21, went to borak2 for a while at carlos, syaz met her amad (they are officially together, now i know haha, but i knew it 1 week before so its okay la) there are 3 other guys which i didnt know who, oh i know 1, its omar i think, the other 2 i dont know. one chinese and one botak malay guy, hes very talkative, that one i notice because he keeps on ranting on whatever i dont even care to listen. then syaz wanted to eat something, so we went to nz behind pavi. i dnt wanna go actually but acap conviced me that its less than 50 langkah. but i bet its more than that, if not he have to blanje me, i won, so he blanje me maggi goreng with teh ice. he blanje other ppl too. talk talk talk then ed came, shes pretty now, long hair, studying art ke ape she said. then later i blah, cause shida and stuart also wanna blah lepak at ampang. mommy came pavi, so i lepak with mommy, bought a brown bag at mng and a sandal at vincci. so thats it kot. later at home gayut with afiq for hours as usual, he was missing me so bad that i have to console him haha. how adorable. then tido.
  • then xigt la. what day or what. went driving lessons. very annoying but i have to. mommy was so serious about it. ggrrh.
  • went to upm, afiq take me out to alamanda for lunch. another day, he bwk me to mines, ate sushi, paid my bills, blabla.
  • went out to times square and low yatt with dyana, hud and afiq. dyana came all the way from johor just because of her handphone that she bought the day before, she wanted to trade it for another flip handphone. but later she discuss2 discuss. then xjadi. however, die dpt banyak handphone pouch, because that cina felt sorry for her perh. then jalan2. had dinner. dyana went home to johor. bought 3 cakes. different flavours. then balik. oh mase keluar tu, yana found out hud kluar with us, so she kind of mrajuk la. so hud decided to go to terenggany to pujuk her haha. how sweet. obviously they have something but they dont wanna declare. haish. nevermind, as long as theyre happy.
  • pastu tadi, afiq came to my house. bercinta skejap haha. then he said hud da balik kl. then afiq pick him up, i followed him. then afiq hantar me home at 7. then he went to upm with hud. oh, he gave me his tshirt, that smells really bloody good, angau! tgh pakai pun tshirt die skang ni haha.
  • ape lg eh, oh. my undang2 test, i got 47/50. in just 12 minutes. hehe, thank god. and that day i lost my L card, so tomorrow i have to go to JPJ to get it back. tomorrow also i have to go to the 6hours taklimat. lecehnya. haish. its at 8.30 plak tu. confirm2 pakcik din tu dtg lambat. ggrr. i wish i had a diff instructor. ntah la. xbest la. nvm, redah je.
  • thats all kot. haha. pictures;


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