Friday, January 1, 2010


New year! but before that imma talk about yesterday:

Went to the curve, at 5, arrived at 7 something. Tapi along the pjalanan, mcm2 jadi.
Ate breakfast in the car, selekeh. Since tak sempat mkn kt rumah, woke up late and all haha.
Then bcause of lmbt mkn breakfast, kul 5ptg kan, then i got dizzy, masuk angin. Threw up a few times in the car, the plastic i threw up was bocor a bit! But theres another plastic luckily. Arrived, went for solat mghrib, wait for isyak skali.
Suppose to have dinner at asam pedas, but the waitress said we have to wait a long time for food so we left, order air je. Messaged Aimy and met up with everyone, me and Afiq was going up the escalators to go to kopitiam while they were going down at the same time, haha so we were like kecoh2 on the escalators. Then i went down again and hugged everyone, except the guys ;D cik abang marah nnt haha. Say hi and all, then go meet neda and azri which are still upstairs at kopitiam. They all left to go somewhere. Neda was with her coursemates, i met Ello for the first time, and her other friends, they were okay, but kopitiam was very panas, so me and Afiq had dinner at PHOP instead (paddington house of pancakes). There was a lot of ppl, a bit crowd but at least its colder than kopitiam. Great dinner, took medicine, few pictures and left to meet the others.
Everyone was on the street near the red box side, madly spraying each other with snow sprays. Siap kena byk kali ngn dorg. Cis. But it was fun la haha. Sume mcm org gila. Yang spray tu lagi mcm gila. I got attacked by meol, fiqa and some other ppl, xprasan. Stole sya's spray, spray other ppl mcm gila jgak hee. Afiq smpai batuk2, spray tu mcm irritant skit. The music was loud, mostly loud with the sound of bass, but I can hardly recognise the song. Ramaaaii sgt org, it was superr fun to lepak with everyone and laughed.
For few hours we just hang out and spraying each other up until the last 10 seconds countdown, then yelled happy new year. Watched the fireworks with afiq by my side. Fireworks kat situ xnmpk sgt, sng cte last year pnye view lg better la sbb last year berdiri kt tgh2 jln, fireworks btol2 atas kepala. But this year nmpk jauh skit. And ade bangunan block, ceh.
Then, hang out at hartamas square for the first time. Everyone was there except some ppl (Syaz left cause she need to pick up his brother at pavi, Sya left cuz Nacap's mother called) They had shisha (orange and mixture of melon lemon whatever, Amar's flavor, weird), But I just had my dim sum and mineral water, and a bit of Aimy's kuey tiow. Yummy. Lepak and borak2 up until 3am. Left, afiq sent me home. Took shower, bercinta on the phone. And sleeepp.

Basically it was effing fun since i met a lot of ppl:
Most important Meol and Amar since they came all the way from US, for a week je so kalau xjumpe mmg rugi. Dorang samaaa je mcm dulu, hehe adorables. Then Aimy my syg, Munky my monkey haha, Shida and Stuart, Sya and her Nacap, Syaz and her Afiq, Amy & Jehan (his new gf which is super crazy with her dance hehe), Fiqa and Asma (dorang baru couple mase new year tu, time countdown fiqa mntak couple spontaneously haha comel), Megat and Wani, his fiance! (i cant believe megat da engaged, da la gila lain da muke, hensem2, good. But he better invites me when he gets married, kuangaja xajak pun mase tunang!), Oh and I also met Azri and Neda my cyg (she looks a bit gloomy plus a bit pendiam, probably mengantuk kot?) and her UM friends. Haf, Faiz, Harrison, Amar, Acap, Suhairi, Ajim and Syadic (dorg dtg time hrtamas je sbb ade dinner ngn family), Fairuz, Fareez, and two other guys which I dont remember their name.

and and had a great time celebrating the new 2010 with my sayang Afiq Ismail. Kesian kena drive malam2 buta, muke toye je haha. But I love him anyways. ;DD && I love all the crowd I met yesterday, u guys ROCK!


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