Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheers to english men.

Bestnya bila presentation semua dah settle. God, freedom does taste sweet like honey sticks! Tadi dah bergila sekejap. I didnt go out today, let afiq watch his footie first (england won by the way, so it was worth it ;)) all the movies and shopping can be done later, may be tomorrow or the day after.

so i spent the night by watching wild child (tak pernah sedar ada dlm external) accompanied with a mug full of cold coffee, aahh~ what a good way to spend your free time isnt it. and how i wish i have super adorable brit accent besties like that. gosh, accent dorg comel~ and yeah, i couldnt find the picture, but i like emma roberts bag when she was chasing the bus. i think its gucci, i recognized the pattern from some ad in cleo. (gucci in the poster too) i didnt like the LV bag though (when she arrives at abbey mount wearing shades and pink skinny jeans, the bag looks too obvious with the LVLVLV logos, if the usual chocolate LVLVLV pattern bag tu xpe lg. Yea, modesty is always stylish.

-the boy is pretty hot eh? english man, umyumyumm. :PP


Assassin said...

A nice blog this is :)
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skinnyjeens said...

ahah thankyou. ;)) ooh ok, imma check it out then

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