Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fr Eddy,

Yah, so last evening Mdil and the girls came picked me up at in front of the orange apartment. The car was effing packed, i was barely breathing, suffocating la. There was 4 ppl at the back seat. But then, in the middle of that looong suffocation, i almost fell asleep, sebab it was raining heavily, and i was sandwiched in the middle by warmy2 people. Loud radio booming at the back of my head, oh plus with the stuffy soft cushion. Ahh, memang nak terlelap. We went to Sunway Pyramid, the main reason was to go karok at amp square. At that time, i didnt know the student price was until 5pm only. So kami berjalan2 la, shopping ke sana kemari. Ate at pappa rich, this time i had Dry Kuey Teow with Prawns. OHHH DUHlicious. Cepat gila abes sampai dituduh selfish cause i didnt offer anyone haha. Well, nvm. There always a next time. Oh but but, yesterday i came across ANOTHERRRR wohooo, buffet place! The Hartz Chicken Buffet! Ohh, im so bloody gonna go there some time this month. Macam sedap gila. aheee.

Ok sambung crita, bile Mra, Mim dtg dlm kul 9, kami ke amp square, tgk2 kne 30bux per person. Redbox, 40bux plak. Cm bazir je, bek g karok kt mines/wangsa walk. Lagi mura. So xjadi la karok. Haish, tp klau xlepak2 mkn pun. Memang sampai2 sunway da lmbt, xsmpt. Bnde tu smpai 5 je. Oh xkesah. Dpt membeli belah terbelah belah ^^
Oh and yesterday i tried another new place for food, its at Wendys! I wasnt planning on trying pun, slalu nmpk je. Ye la, bkn minat sgt fast food. But then it was the only one yg bukak time kul 10 lebey tu, semua mall dah tutup. So me and Qla beli take away, meet up with Mdil and Kly at JCO, makan bkemah disitu with the comfy couch and the dimmy2 light, romantic plak. ooh, sedap ratah ayam die. Heres the pic!

Earlier before the shops were all closed, we bought tickets for Nightmare on Elm Street, oh besh! But personally i dont like that version of Freddy that much, hes like kerimping. Alahai, so not wickedly hot as an evil guy. I prefer the Freddy in the Freddy vs Jason punye movie. Tough and well built, muke lg cm setan, baru la cm strong, and evil. Tapi pape pun, Jason tetap lagi hot, die lagi besar. Mask die kot. tatau la klau bukak mask muke die tu sbenarnya hodoh nk mati, rs cm xigt lak tgk die bukak mask dlm cte F vs J tu.

Mase dlm movie tu takut2 tp sambil makan nugget Wendys, nyum2. Tapi rasa die srupe mcm nugget Mcd. Hmm, anyway Qla was sitting beside me in the movie. Oh dear god, wasnt she a screamer. :D  >____< Tutup2 muke ngn makanan pun ade, hee. Tapi yesterday she was gweat as my shopping partner, along with Mdil and Kly. Semua borong. Besh2. While the others was just wandering around without purpose kot, so mcm xde ape la. Igtkn the purpose of going there was to shop and karok kan, but i guess they werent in the mood to shop kot. Nseb baek si bertiga kaki shopping tetap ada. But there were some of the shops that i went alone la, cause im like pretty quick in scanning stuff, so bila xde yg berkenan trus blah ke tmpt laen while the others stay lagi kat padini time tu. Last2 dari padini trus naik atas jln ke arah parkson tu la, situ kn byk kdai clothing best2. Dorothy, Elle, M.Selfridge, Promod, ape tah lagi. Topshop, sume ada. So jalan2, barula bought one bright orange-reddish top and a bag from Topshop. Seblum tu lepas mkn pappa rich tu beli bracelets at Diva. Seblummm tu lagi, beli bedsheet for mama at Akemiuchi. Akemi laagi, but Aussino's comforters cover laaagi cantik la. Next time je la kot beli, muak jugak kaler comforter grey ni. Jap, carik gamba. Haaa~ Ni aussino pnye. Nmpk tak bwh tulisan Aussino tu berderet comforters die. Semua cantik!

Habis huha huha took pictures semua after the movie, kabut cr kreta, as usual haha. Its like a normal routine when ure out with Mdil (sorry adikku haha) but i dont mind, we car pooled in Mira's car, looking around the parking floors cari keta then balik Upm lalu Hospital. Oh tiring2. Hari ni plak ada class at 8, oumm. I woke up easily, weird eh?? maybe im used to sleep late kot lately, smpai xkesa tido mlm kejap. Ke kelas, Slmiah and Lye's class was okay, i concentrated the whole time. Ye ah, Ira duk ajak g depan skali. memang xmelilau. Pastu did my progress report after that for the first time. Wait for Afq's report, oh lama2. Sambil tu edit2 report kt DK while listening to iTouch tanpa guna earphone, loud speaker la, Salmiah duk pndg2 sbb kdg2 tu lagu terkuat hehe. Went back to my room, pack stuff and Afq sent me home! HERE i am! Home sweet homeee. Ahh. Rindu sama Eddy yang suke berciom2. (die seekor kucing yang adorable) Boncit!!! Agggg, skang dia tgh kacau mama la tu. Menambahkan annoyance yang dah tsedia ada. Kasihan mamaku ^^ Hehehehhe. Tp kdg2 best tgk mama annoyed, hwahwaha.

-p/s: my favourite colour for the week: orange and red. and favourite pattern for the week is flowery-vintage-pattern and acid wash blazer. (nyesal xbli kt teetoo)


the england-like blazer on the right rocks! why the heck are they not selling stuff like this here??

 nak niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


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