Saturday, June 5, 2010

those little things that make you sad.

i love my new pink wireless mouse! kawaiiii. tawdolly helps reducing my high blood pressure due to the old wired psycho mouse.

unfortunately, it uses battery. hm, everything comes with a price kan.

another thing, im sad that afiqs very upset about his cat. hes been taking care of that cat for ages, and now shes someone else's cat. the bad part is, her new keeper is gonna take her to Penang. :(( so afiq wll nvr get to see her again.

somehow i love that sentimental part of him, hes a good responsible guy. everytime sakit bawak vet walaupun penat, Puteh surgery sampai dua kali (pyometritis and hernia) though, he never complains about those money he used for Puteh, bad skin infections, 2 times pregnancy, foods, toiletries. bila hilang, mcm nak gila cari. and the sad part was when he kissed puteh goodbye, puteh mengelak. and die ckp, cuma harap puteh xlupe die. T___T

Anyways, that cat is truly adorable. and very clever (she never poos/pees anywhere other than her private toilet, shes willing to keep it as long as she can until she can find somewhere safe to pour it all out), pandai kan, kdg2 kelakar bila dia berlari lari nak berak. always an easy creature to be cared of, no wonder Nabi Muhammad love cats. theyre cute, clever and cuddly. and plus shes very loving and caring. ive watched her taking care of her own kids, she never left them out of sight.

its beautiful how animals are. wouldnt it be nice if some humans are like them.
-i wont forget the images of you delivering under my bed, heck, i think ill nvr forget u. insyallah. she might not be an expensive Persian cat or what so ever, but shes a valuable cat to afiq, and so shes valuable to me too. i love you Puteh.

fyi, the baby on the right with orange spots are mine now. his name is Eddy.

 i will surely miss those eyes.


fArAzAtIeY said...

urghh.sebijik upe cm kucing aq..dfferences nye mate dye dye biru n dye betina~oh0h0


tapi kenape bg puteh kat org laen?

skinnyjeens said...

sbb mak afiq xbg bela dah. mak die xsuke kucing dlm ruma. so die kne la dgr ckp mak die. :((

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