Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ned out.

when my world is falling apart, and when theres no light to break up the dark. i look at you.
i love the lyrics.

this is dedicated to the ones who always help me when im down. especially mom and dad.
afiq, and friends.

today i woke up late, cause i slept after subuh yesterday. went to alamanda with ned. very not in the mood for shopping, cause most of the shops are not interesting at all. but i do love Aldo though, the shoes are all pretty. bought a small rack for my shoes, a soap and a lip balm from body shop (yah i know, 3rd time this month. theyre just so tempting with all those SALE SALE SALE posters). and finally had a complete dinner at Bayou, this is my second time dining there. Had appetizer of korean tofu, main meal is nasi and ayam masak lemak cili padi and lastly the dessert is caramel pudding). sedap dan mengenyangkan, syukran ya Rab.

ps: the waiters are nice, very polite and always smiling.


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