Friday, June 11, 2010

A Team

Today i woke up at 7.30pm. Yeah, i slept for 12hours. semua pasal cte korea. tengok sampai 7 pagi lebih. and after all that, yet i still feel tired and sleepy. theres one time that afiq called me to wae me up, but yah of course it didnt work. so he mentioned about going out tonight, and will come at 8. but then i fell asleep again till 7.30. Then i called him back, saying dont rush, i just woke up. Hee, sakit jiwe je la. So then i went for a shower. Shampoo2, mandi dengan lama sebab semalam tak mandi langsung :DD oh biasalah, kualiti lebih penting dari kuantiti kan. So afiq arrived at 8 something, and we went to alamanda. At first we planned on watching the karate kid at 8.45, but then we were a tad bit late. The lines were also long, thank god afiq reserved the A Team movie at 10pm. So after buying the tickets, afiq grabbed a bite for his dinner, while i browsed through Cleo magazine, i already ate after shower so im not that hungry. But i ordered a Lychee Sundae at a dessert stall. Makan2 sambil borak then pergi jalan2. Singgah Roxy sekejap, ade sale! The shirts are all not worthy of buying sebab corak bodo2, while the jeans are all in big sizes, last2 i bought 1 flops. Then singgah Gulyn, beli handsocks since my old handsocks tinggal sebelah je, mane tah cicir.Time tu semua kedai dah tutup, so pergila cinema. We got the side seats, xbrape best la, but okay jugak sebab bukan depan. I always prefer the middle ones, and far at the back. Sebab memang first class la klau position camtu, nampak everything at the center and clear.Even when i was in classes back in school, and also in exams, i like it better to sit at the middle and kalau boleh belakang, boleh tengok semua orang. Hehe, i like to watch people, tatau la kenapa. tapi skang ni kadang2 exam suke dok tepi2 tingkap, suke sunlight. Oh suka2. Taksuke kalau hujan, mendung. Taksuke keadaan sejuk, rase nak hibernate je, rase xactive, rase lembik. Boring. and because of this too, i like beach more than mountains. Sunny sunny, warm breeze, people wearing light coloured clothes, laughing, eating good picnic food. oh bestnya. Thats my kind of heaven.

Oh sedih plak friday ni tak dapat pegi birthday picnic Amy and Yus, sebab balik kampung punya pasal. Hope next time ill be available, cause i need to meet Aimy before she goes to Germany, nak tempah benda2, lagipun die pegi lama. Hmm, jumpe parents die semua. Oh bestnya dia. Wawa and her bf pun nak pindah study US, sob best betul. Nevamind, suatu masa nanti je lah stay somewhere far lama2, nows not the perfect time. Im not ready to be seperated from MommyandDaddy. Aha, anak manja haha. Nantilah da kawen nanti. Woot! IloveyouAfiqIsmail. U look HAWT today. Jom kahwin? hahaha. ggr aggg aggg. rawr~ Oh period period, the hormones, dont start. Takbleh stop menggatal kang. :DD
Oklah, need to sleep now. Tomorrow have to meet rempal and settle the MMA whatever i dont know. Night bloggys lollys trollies!


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