Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hari Biasa.

Last night i couldnt sleep, again. Only after i performed subuh prayer and stared at the ceiling for another 10 minutes, barulah dapat lelap. I slept until 3.30pm, then afiq called me. "Bangun yang siap2, org on the way" But pity him, i fall back asleep and woke up at 4.15pm, kelam kabut zohor, tnggu kejap untuk asar. Baru siap. Lama jugaklah dia tunggu di bawah, he probably arrived at 4.40 kot, :(( kesian sungguh. Gahh. 

I suck at time management! No, i suck at WAKING UPPPPPPP.

Sumpah tak sengaja, tapi memang mengantuk sangat. :((

Anyways, the plan is still on eventhough i was frickin late. Jamm lah apa lagi. But he didnt mind that much, phewh! So we parked the car at Sogo, cause afiq needs to buy his sister some books from a book store called Pustaka Mukmin in front of Sogo. Hmm, its not that familiar, but its just beside Harrisons fabric store (korang tau kot). So while hes selecting some SPM exercise books for the sister, i just look around and browsed through some cooking, medicine, islamic books. Oh, and i found La Tahzan! but its kinda big, so malas la nak beli, lagipun dah download kat 4shared, ada pdf file. 

Yeah, so then we got into Harrisons, tengok2 kain, wanted to buy some for our baju raya, but i thought no la, its too early, maybe some other time. Last year afiq bought his kain for baju melayu kat sini la. Banyak choice, so best. Pastu kami masuk turkuaz gulyn, bought 2 head scarves and 1 inner shirt. Got 1 free black tudung for free, oh baik betul akak situ. Lepas tu makan kropok lekor sambil jalan2, pergi maghrib, masuk kereta, pergi Klcc!

Disana, we went straight to TGV, bought the tickets. Sex and the City 2. Middle seats, cun! The movie starts at 8.45 pm. So we walk around the same floor, i bought a shirt at Roxy. Sale! So, worth it la. Then pergi beli makanan, time tu 8.30pm dah. So cepat2 beli Banana Chocolate Ice, Fruit Cup and Mango Juice. Seludup masuk movie, makan dalam tu hehe. Oh suka betul seludup makanan ;DD
Lepas movie, had dinner at Dome, nasib baik bukak lagi. I had Spicy Mushroom Spaghetti, something like that and a cup of cappuchino. Afiq had a light dinner, eggs and toast. Kemudian balik. Itu saja hari saye ;)

Comments for the movie:
  • oh kelakar. i laughed a lot. well most of it because of Samantha. Shes my favourite among them all, miang nk mati ;D
  • and demm, rasa jeles gila sbb dorg dpt pegi Abu Dhabi tu for free, agg. Jewel suite tu cantik!! Nak jugak weyy~ nak nak!
  • tapi, rs xbest sikit sbb movie tu ade kacau skit psl islamic views, about purdah and all. But then they didnt say anything bad la. Just for the sake of making jokes je.
  • and and. this second movie, xdela seteruk first movie (thankgod). sex scenes dia xde, any exposure pun cam xteruk sgt mcm first movie. setakat camtu2 je. but still, afiq wasnt that comfortable la tgk cte tu hahah. Duhh! i told him already, the movie is not suitable for guys! Tu pasal hari tu nak tgk ngan pmpuan, tapi xjd, so dia la terpaksa teman. Hadoihh haha, kesian dia. Tak psl2 dpt dosa mata. Sorrrryyyy. ;)) 
  • tapi bestlah. i hopes theres another movie coming on, the third STC. pasal samantha finally settle in ke? woot! 


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