Friday, July 9, 2010


sikit je nak cerita. gerak lambat from college, bout 8pm something. sebab nak kejarkan tiket eclipse yg dah book 8 seats at sunway pyramid, afiq terpaksa memandu tahap merbahaya. tapi last2 dapat jgak 8 tempat berderet, cun.

ate at manhattan fish market, ordered a set for two: grilled seafood gala platter. sedap, complete seafood set except no crabs.

habis makan, pegi gsc.

eclipse, was okay la. it kind of goes up higher than my expectations. i thought it would suck the whole time. but fortunately for the rm13 i spent, it was worth it. i like the storyline, it wasnt as boring as the previous 2 movies. which had a lot of corny dialogs. this time, the dialog is much better, a lil bit of sarcastic and humor. the actions was good, but still not enough to beat the other vampire movies. (queen of the damned, daybreakers, interview with the vampire, van helsing.. etc etc) hope the next one will be better. looking forward to it.


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