Tuesday, August 24, 2010

blue-green is my drug.

today successfully got into an OT. Yeayh! eventhough its just an IND procedure for an 11 year old girl. hmmph. but i dont mindd, at least i did something today. woha! plus, i finished with all the scopes last friday. so i need to find other interesting procedures to entertain myself. other stuffs that made me excited the last few days were, a pt with a hernia a size of a football. whoa! i was very excited at the time. hehee. so i took it for my second cwu. took pictures from the pt's notes. and finished writing the complete cwu on sunday. oh forgot to mention. i went to the bazaraya at globe/masjid india. wew! rambang mata wey, boleh juling air. bought a lot of stuff  for raya ;))) im happeeee. but still, i miss shopping malls. bazaraya takkan boleh disamekan dgn malls. malls tetap paling bertakhta di hati. oh cintaku~

esok kne present case, gd luck fer me! oh and i need to tell this, afiq's baju melayu for this year is gonna be in what colour? guess what. PINK!! hahahaha. semata2 sbb nk matching hi hi. i love himm. hari ni xnampak langsung, sekejap je nampak. rin do!

okay la. nak maen hotel city jap. da!


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