Saturday, August 28, 2010


didnt get to eat sahur yesterday, semua tak sedar. so i gave my food to one of my housemates who cant fast. and go back to sleep til 2. online for an hour or so, get ready, pack things and went to sunway. shop for a while, bought 2 bags. one for mama (since its her birthday this tuesday, yeah, on independence day) and another one for me. yeay. chained, flap bag for rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, almost like chanel's quilted one, but mine is not quilted, but of course i cant afford the real one. plus, i dont prefer to buy fake items. and kdg2 xske pn tgk org laen pkai fake yg mlampau2 fake tu. yg bile tgk, nmpk sgt fakenya, klau sikit2 xpe kot. (clothes, bags, purse, shoes) sbb personally, i think its kind of embarassing? but sure, different ppl have different opinions. if theyre okay with it, then its fine. but for me, if i cant afford it, i just dont wear it. might just wear something u can afford and be proud of it kan.  oh sambung2, before that kami buka kat manhattan's fish market. this time we ordered fried ones. instead of grilled seafood platter like before. ohh menggeletar time mule2 makan, da hypoglycemic sgt kot time tu. tp lame2 muak plak garlic rice die tu, fried oysters sedap gilaaaaaaaaaa. note to self, next time just take the ramadhan set, its actually cheaper and ade dessert semua. yamyam. then jalan2 lagi. and lastly tgk repomen. whoa. original storyline, best. twisted gak. but honestly i expected more techno elaborations la at the beginning. ni tibe2 lompat. but otherwise, its a great movie. ending cm sngaaall, but satisfying. (paling suke part last2 tu, potong2, msk scanner dlm bdn, hah. mrepek gilaaaaaa. pastu bom data room, trus bleh escape pg island without anyone tracing them. XLOGIC ok. sb baek die cover balik story line movie tu dgn buat ending lebih logic. ;)) bagus.

blahblah. so, need to finish painting my room tomorrow, tggl 1/10. ade almari block plak. hmm. AND, im back at home now! happy, more food for buka and sahur, and of course, starworld, E and mtv 24 hours = HEAVENNN. oops, buku PE dlm beg jd hiasan la nmpknye. ;PP i hid mama's present inside my closet, hope she wont find it. aduh. klau x, kantoila. but abah knows la. hee. tapi rs mcm xckup je bg bag. dunno what else to give her. clueless. xpe la. masih ada esok.

fyi. tonight, 28th. is the 1year and 9months. ;)) die baru wish. (i remembered last month, but forgot this one, ayok) oh and i need to blurt this out, its been bugging me lately, i dont like copycats wey. eventhough it amuses me sometimes, tp lame2 tu mcm annoying plak. really. xbleh ke create ur own sense of fashion. dont be pathetic yang. and please, dont be too desperate for attention. relax la.


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