Monday, October 11, 2010

flu itu stu pid!

i am sick. and sleepy. my nostrils are blocked, thats annoying. and i got chris's class tomorrow. and then 'fever' tutorial.

medicine bores me. for now, i still love surgical posting more than anything. i think thats enough for a summary

and, i think ill be going to metro point a lot more after this, or metro plaza? yehh, any malls near hospital kajang would be a lovely place to be at after 2pm :P even the cendol shop. oh yum. (tadi first day kat hosp kajang, da lencong metro point) mampus la. haha.

- pictures from the weekend or before will be posted esok2 kot. tak larat nak mengupload. tadaaaa!

inila tempat baru saye dipostingkan. (omgod, dont make me die in there out of boredom) - haih, hope ill learn to love this place.


Hazira Saupi said...

wei singgahlah ke ukm. leh bwk aku jalan-jalan g metro kajang. hikhik

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