Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nia Nar

Hahaha. Gosh, this is so funny I had to post this in tumblr, AND here. Watched Narnia, was owwwseemm. Except itll be more super ohsem if i watched it in 3D. Even with the normal 2D, the graphic was to die for. Bila malaysian movies boleh jadi camtu. Another 5 years bleh x? Haih.

Ate at noodle station, then sempat masuk 1 kedai je and bought something.

Clinical life. Saw another seizure from the same patient I saw at the first time, the day after he was admitted to the ICU again. Kesian. Berulang2 kali masuk.
Met my first HIV patient in the ward. Checked everything a HIV patient could present with (mcm orl candidiasis, rashes etc..)

I finished my last case write up yesterday (buat sampai 5 pagi lebih, sangat penat but very satisfied since I put many efforts into the discussion, it was all my sentences, and no plagiarism at all, changed the words into mine) Case presentation mmg dah lame settle nearly a month ago, now tinggal nak focus for the upcoming Mock Exam je, which thankfully I got the ohsem examiner I wished for. Hope I wont let him down, and need to prepare on the real exams too. Eventhough the most important thing on my mind right now was waiting for the scholar money, spend like a drunk mad woman, but I dont know if I would have the mood to go out if exams are nearing like roket Apollo.

Im not going home for the weekend, poo. Sokay, sacrifices for exam before the spending spree.
I keep on thinking beach and beach and beach je sejak akhir2 ni. Note to self: need to recruit holiday partners.


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