Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love with the Cropped Tees.

Da lame ske cropped tees nii. Tp bru due kali pakai. Dulu ade beli satu cropped top from mango, kaler ijau. Time tu nk support Xavier punye psl for Cheerleading competition, and thats the first time pakai, second time baru2 ni je. Tapi ade satu je la, xcukup! Hee and that day da jahit satu. Tp xbest sbb xbeli soft cotton nye fabric, so xslesa sgt. Kne gune cotton tees yg lembut tu.
Right now, i feel like cutting all my tees. Mission baru ialah korek almari, cari baju lama2. Kalau potong baju baru syg la plak :PP So kne cr baju lama2.

Tapi kalau korg syg sgt nk potong, bleh je mskkan baju, nmpk mcm cropped tees mcm gamba sblah ni. :)

Yesterday i went out with afiq to klcc, just for the sake of watching HP and the Deathly Hallows. Oooh sangat BEST. Eventhough the movie was long (2 hours and 20minutes la, lebih kurang) its still not bloody enoughhh. (ha da ckp bloody2 da ni) penangan Ron Weasley la ni haha. OMG dia da sgt hot okay. Maybe antara korg akan ckp euw, xensem lnsg. But trust me, i know a hot guy when i see one. Die da jd hot, tgk ar jaw and body dia. Taller and bigger than Harry dah. Dah la kecik2 comel makan ayam :P (check my tumblr, theres a gif of Ron eating chicken) sangat comel. and i was looking for a floral skirt actually. Tapi xjumpa lah yang ok. Hmm. pastu Massimmo Dutti punye store tu cm sunyi je, probably people xbiase lg shop situ kot? anyway, i think the store looks nice.
Heres a picture of a cropped top worn with a hijab. Nice kan? Her name is Aishah, i knew her from Lookbook. All her outfits were nice and inspirable. Love it when she wore her harem pants too. I would like to try one someday. 


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