Friday, May 14, 2010

First Night

The whole summary.
  • From UPM, went to Mines, had lunch at Chicken Rice Shop. Ate steam chicken combo.
  • A sent me to KTM, bought a ticket to KL Sentral! Hee, arrived there safe and sound :P (public transportation kan can be quiet creepy, ramai himpit2) Anyways, while waiting for them, I went to Mcd sebab nak online sekejap. 10 minutes later M picked me up. (but then it feels GOOD that sometimes i can be independent when i want to ;))

  • In the car, Ai was there too (M dah ambik die kat UIA before datang KL Sentral). We went to Pavi, rayau2. Then Ai bought some tops from Cotton On. 
  • We ate lunch at the food court bawah tu, well basically M did. Me and Ai just had roti2. Talk about pokai~
  • Fz came later after that. We hang out for a while, rayau2 dan siap kena marah time tangkap2 gambar kat Forever 21 dengan sorang makcik yang RUDE. Tetapi, kami tak makan saman. Blah from F21, and went to sit and the big couch inside Parkson and took more stupid pictures hehe.
  • Bila Am dah sampai, we left and went to Wangsa Walk, time tu pukul 6 so macam jamm sikit. kat Nz kecik depan Wangsa Walk, nasi goreng cina and air kosong! heee, haru.
  • Pastu pergi tempat Karaoke, time tu ramai dah datang. Ramai as in RAMAI. the whole berbelas belas orang menyempit dalam bilik tu! Haha, nak jimat punya pasal so kitorang amek bilik Small tapi dapat 4 hours WEY. Memang mlalak sampai puas.
  • Sing like mad, lost my voice. Sumbang a bit, embarassing myself haha. Xkisah pun. Had fun berduet dan berjerit ramai2 dengan lagu kapak dan pisau2nya sekali.
  • A lot of peeps went back early, around 12. Sy and boyfie. Shd and boyfie. Others stayed.
  • Around 1, go back to Nz, ate supper. Ai's boyfie belanja Roti Banjir! (well, more like borrowing the money) :P itu kerana duit time tu dah tinggal seringgit. Nak cucuk atm mana bukak punn. Haish.

  • Pastu2 we went to Andalus Damai, they had shishs and some smokes. Except me, hee. Goody me~ Hang out, laughed at stupid jokes. Hehe, sengal je teka teki merepek. Andalus was packed with ppl, cause the shishs are cheap la compared to other places, RM6 kot. 
  • Kat situ, kami prempuan bertiga ni, yang bankrupt sama2. Order air mineral besarrr. Kongsi hahaha. But it was nice la, kitorang duduk dalam sebab lagi luas meja dia. Luar ramai. Anyway, these are some pics of the restaurant that i found in Google. The decorations are nice kannn, very arabic/hindustani. But of course, memang its an arabic restaurant pun.
  • Around 4 something, everyone was tired and sleepy dah pun. Supposedly, we planned to sleep in the car je. Like a normal overnight la. But yeah, its kind of dangerous. Ingat nak parking depan rumah Am, so we follow his car sampai TUDM, sebab dia nak hantar Ac to his house dulu before balik rumah, jauh betullll sampai nak terlelap dalam kereta.
  • Otw tu pulak, the girls suddenly decided to sleep at Izt's house plak, sebab dah lalu situ kan, dekat je. Plus, its better kan, girls house, and very comfortable dari berhimpit dalam kereta tuu.
  • Called Izt, and she lets us sleep at the living room. Us three, macam bergelimpangan kat depan tu haha.

  • Slept till 11am, my deary boyfie came picked me up. Went to eat breakfast at the kedai in front of Rafi. Had nasi goreng seafood, but A's choice was better la. Nasi goreng ayam sweet sour, sedap! Len kali bleh je nak datang lagi hawhaw.
  • Around 1, left the restaurant. Said goodbyes, and hugs and all. Oh sayang korang, best dapat jumpa and update on all the gossips i missed. OH. Forgot!
  • We, bought a friendship necklaceeeeeeee, stupid idea since everyones broke, tapi gatal nak beli haha. Mine is a giraffe locket, Ai's an elephant and M's is a lion. Each locket macam suits everyone taw, bagus gila haha. And lepas beli tu we did a handshake yang korek-idung-promise that we wont lose it. Bapak geli je haha.
< --- not the real necklace we bought. Ours have small animal lockets. But the writings are similar la. Ours have BEST, FRIENDS and FOREVER writings. <3
  • Oh continue, urm then A drove to Masjid Putrajaya where he prayed Solat Jumaat. While I stayed in the car, online using his lappie and broadband.
  • Went UPM, took shower. Went to class! Agh. But last night REALLY made me happy that i dont even bother to complain about going to class haha. SERONOK!
Tonight, going to I city with another group of besties plak. Yeay! Later~


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