Monday, May 17, 2010


He makes me happy and let me say anything i wanna say or even fart. Hes nice.
Best things about today
  • pergi belia plus jom heboh in Putrajaya, near mama's office je. 
Wey, it was tiring, tired of wandering around,
  • tengok2 exotic animals booth and took a picture with 2 snakes and a sleeping iguana. hold and got bit by a scorpion, tapi tak sakit langsung, in fact i feel so excited haha! sangaaaaat BEST GILA, animals excite me.
  • && Of course I bought some stuffs, ate gear box with rice for dinner. Watched concert for a while and shop shop.
  • & sronok jugak naik bus mcm kretapi tu, rayau jalan situ. mcm bus zoo :D

But later, time da nak balik tu it started to rain (hujan biasa je, tapi angin kuat) Sampaikan at one time, the umbrella got into like this HAHA.

kelakar, all he said was. "ingatkan benda ni jadi dalam tv je" sambil muke pelik hehe. sengal. nk betulkan balik mcm susa je, last2 gune angin arah berlawanan baru boleh.

bila nk balik tu, bleh plak he forgot where the car is. aigo aigo tapi jalan2, baru ingat, mmg park jauh ptt pun lupa. while walking tu, it was nice sangat la. jalan dalam hujan, berangin. selipar dia kiok kiok kiok. haha comel. gelak je and borak2 kosong.

I LOVE HIM. Hes just so relaxing and funny in a weird way haha. I can really be myself, completeeeeely myself when im with him. ape2 la. pendek criteee. senang la dgn dia, everything seems nice and laughable. nak marah pun skejap je, cause hes so patient that u cant be too mad at him for a long time. yeah u know, hes that purely adorable, someone who smiles and behaves so nicely that it makes another person feels so comfortable.


лuЯ ДfỈfãђ лãzЯỈ said...

wa..romantikla tu...hik3...best3..semoge panjang jodoh okay..

..wet a wondering did u ever read mine??

skinnyjeens said...

wuawuaaaa. romantik sikit la kott :D baca la! tapi awk dah lama xpost baru.

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