Tuesday, May 18, 2010


God, i feel so boring and depressed. Feel like wanting to sleep for a long time. Feel like i wanna change everything around me, cept fam and him. friends and all, shit. this is boring. they are boring. i mean, god. my life in dreams are so much better than reality. this is sick. shit. stupid. fuckers, boring bitches. dont bore me. this house is boring. their minds are boring. god, i wish everyone gets me like he gets me. my world would be better like that. everyones an ignorant fuckers. just fast forward, i wanna get new friends who gives a damn.

Those words above was the blog i posted before going to alamanda. But after going out and watched movies, plus the breakdown session in the car, i felt better. So i decided to delete the post, but when i think about it, why delete? Its my blog, biar je la.
Apa2 pun, im fine now, so i wont delete it, Ill just cross it. Am feeling much calmer now. Man, boredom can really destroy me, can change me into a depressed emo kid with homicidal missions or even suicide at the end. I HATE BOREDOM.

Boredom Kills. Seriously.

Thank god for Furry Vengeance, it was so funny! haha, Brendan Fraser's expression is priceless la. Sangat real hee, and also thanks to him who's a good listener. Im okay now! I love the racoons, kaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!


miz zack said...

camne nak pilih template comei?

skinnyjeens said...

bole cari kt google. aku pnye
sume comel2 situ.

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