Monday, May 17, 2010

City of lights.

Last friday, i went to the I CITY! with Md, Fif and Yn. (haha shortform gila)
Dipendekkan cerita, it was beautiful! Seriously, rasa nak curik buat hiasan kat bilik! Jadi lampu tidur, weeee. Most of the shops are closed, or probably havent opened yet, im not sure lah. But there are stalls that sell souvenirs and stuff. food stalls and drinks. Basically we took a lot of pictures, the stupid ones was funny haha. Kentut elektrik la, macam cte heroes pun ada. Doing doing, i bought a devil horn headband, it kinda looks like in the picture.

Ate burger ayam special and beli mocha ice blended je. While the other 3 ate kfc. It was tiring la, sebab tempat tu panas dan luas sangat. Plus, kena lalu hospital sebab gate tutup kan, ceit!

Pictures of i city.


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