Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Went to Sunway Pyramid, A picked me up at home after his research discussion. And terus ke amp square karaoke, sesat jugak la heh. Met munky, syaz and his afiq, and izzot disana. Ekh, lama gila tadi sampai first time tak tau nak pilih lagu apa dah, 6 freaking hours kot! The girls and afiq were there first, at 2. Me and A came around 3. Melalak til 9. But of course, keluar sekejap for asar and maghrib prayers. After karaoke, ate chicken chop with jasmine tea, A ordered mee kari and ice lemon tea at pappa rich and later bought 1 top at cache cache. Went home, A tumpang isyak and then he went back to upm :))

I was happy and had fun, i laughed a lot. They were funny of course, the best part was when me izzot and munky sang korean songs (specifically izzot and munky yang nyanyi, i was babbling most of the time :D). Man, the look on the guys face are priceless haha (dorang boring sebab xtau apa2, kesian!) but after that they select a lot of guys song. Fareez ade pilih lagu kuch kuch hota hai and lagu crite Mann! hhaha. Unexpected gilaaaa hahaha.

Tapi, paling tak sangka. Izzot boleh nyanyi lagu Gee! dari mula sampai habis, gila betullllll. Bapak obses, sorry2 pun die hafal. Rainism pun hafal. OMG, no one can beat her in singing korean stuff la seriously, munky yang obses tahap cipan pun hafal skit2 je. Semua tercengang kot hahaha. Roh korean masuk badan die ke apa? Semua dia tau.  ^^ Lagu timeless pun dpt nyanyi td walaupun merapu2. A sang a lot too, feels good to see that he can blend in with my friends. Adorable sungguh :) and hes funny when he cant reach some notes hehe, sampai tergolek2 nyanyi. and im happy syaz came, lama xjumpe. rindu! cant wait for this sunday, wanna meet them again!

-a new song i discovered today was (everyone knew this song tadi, except me. how katak bawah tempurung aku ni) Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold. oh, and lagu yang terngiang2 dari tadi since balik ialah francesca peters song (sekadar dipinggiran), kapak tak hahaha. best okay lagu tu!
-amp square ni murah. 6 hours. 10 rnggit je sorang. memang fav spot la pasni, other than mines. tapi tempat die cm tempat mafia ;D


listening to this ^^


a maid liar said...

6 HOURS!!!?????!!!???!!!???!!!karok????????
Effin' long!

skinnyjeens said...

sampai xtau nk nynyi ape dah >_> tp xpe, jom 7hours!

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